Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
Northwestern’s Amahri McCray Continues To Turn Heads – Year Round

There is no doubt that south Florida athletes are looking for every advantage.

While this is the time of year – when 7-on-7 and transfers are grabbing most of the headlines, athletes are starting to get offers and committing to a bright future.

Athletes are grabbing every advantage possible to help themselves – and if it means changing locations – that is now part of the entire process.

Miami Killian’s Maurice Jones Is One Florida Best Young Running Backs

The running back position in south Florida has always been looked up to for all the impressive talent that the area has long produced.

Some of the elite backs have represented schools in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties for decades, and that’s exactly why college coaches have made this a major destination for amazing talent that comes out of this area like a free-flowing pipeline.

Marvin Jones Jr. Is Certainly Someone To Keep An Eye On In 2020

The one thing about living in south Florida is the talent level has been so rich for so many decades, it usually spills over to the next generation.

Fathers who grew up starring on football field in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have returned with their families to this area after successful playing careers.

If you follow what we have done for the past 50 years, you understand that we have covered a lot of elite talent that usually moves on to the collegiate level and then on to the NFL.

Miami Palmetto’s Jason Marshall Jr. Has Shot To The Top

By now, we all know how much talent there is here in south Florida – and it is only getting better.

Just when you felt that the bar couldn’t be raised any higher, the next great athlete emerges.

In a world where football prospects get the chance to prove how great they are – by competing against some of the best in the country, year round.

Miami High Receiver Makai Lovett Is Truly A Star In The Making

While recruiting is perhaps as popular as it every was, the trouble with it – especially when it comes to south Florida – is many who do it – pay little attention to athletes who are not hyped up.

Getting a chance to see limited events and games has given some of these under the radar prospects less of a chance to get watched and evaluated, and while it isn’t a new problem, it still exists.

You can’t blame recruiting websites and those who are looking for the flashy names to boost their ratings, but even those who see a number of prospects, rarely get a chance to see many of these rising standouts in game conditions, and when they do, it’s tough to concentrate on everyone.