Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
Champagnat Catholic’s Malik Rutherford Continues To Lead The Way For The Lions

The one thing you learn quickly about south Florida talent is there are so many high-level football prospects, you get better without ever realizing it.

One day you are a rising star, who hopes to showcase your many abilities – the next thing you know – you are the star and turning heads and making a statement.

Christopher Columbus Lineman Ryan Rodriguez Helping Explorers Defend State Title

Back in the day, when a Florida college needed an offensive lineman, they would hop on a plane and head to the Northeast or Midwest. But that has changed dramatically.

While the process has been slow, the fact that a majority of the colleges in the Sunshine State are now using big men who were taught here and groomed on high school football fields from Key West to Pensacola – and in every city in between.

More camps, the addition of former linemen who played at the professional and college level, now living in this state – hosting events and teaching technique have been the reason.

Christopher Nelson Making A Difference All Over The Field

Sometimes a change in location can do wonders – and that has been the case for so many – in every walk of life.

No matter if it’s your job or association with a sports team, moving to a different location is often healthy.

While there are those who may be able to flourish for an extended period of time at one place, others feel refreshed and renewed by a change of location.

Freshman Rodolfo Hernandez Has Already Made A Name For Himself

When you play football in south Florida, the opportunities are indeed endless.

Because of the teams and quality talent that you compete against, all that may be needed is one play or key performance to thrust you into the spotlight.

Nova QB Zachary Robinson: The Best Player You Never Heard About

It has been said over and over again about south Florida, but certainly warrants repeating.

There is so much talent at every turn that getting lost in the shuffle is very common – and it happens all the time.

Whether you play in Miami-Dade or Broward County, the opportunities for exposure are endless, but that doesn’t always add up to receiving that exposure needed to attract college attention.