Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
McArthur Standout Isaiah Finnie Is A Major Difference Maker

When you happen to play football in south Florida, sometimes you are subject to being overlooked – and for many – that’s just fine.

With an abundance of talent at just about every position, there are several athletes, while proving what they can do, are often left out of the conversation when boasting and promoting elite players.

Because this has been a very unusual off season with the pandemic preventing athletes from gaining more exposure, prospects are losing out on spring and plenty during the summer. But athletes are athletes and there will be time over the next year to make up for that lost time.


PLAYER: Isaiah Finnie


SCHOOL: Hollywood McArthur

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: No matter where this quality talent has lined up and performed at, he is always the player that people are talking about.

A solid football player who brings so much to the table, and with a stable of big time coaches on the staff for the 2020 season, you can guarantee that this is one football talent who will have the chance to maximize everything he has.

While he learned a lot last season, this year will certainly give him a chance for college coaches to watch and see exactly what he brings to the table.

When this season begins, this is certainly a player that colleges will want to keep an eye on – and from what he has done in the past, this is a prospect who will bring talent, passion and a love for the game along with him.



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