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Miami Central Standout Laurence Seymore Has Been In The Spotlight For 3 Years

Look on college rosters across the southeast and you will see a number of offensive linemen from a state that usually is not known for churning out quality big men.

That’s right, the Sunshine State – a place that recruiters visit to check out receivers and defensive backs – as well as impressive athletes – is also becoming a destination for colleges and universities to head to for athletic and agile offensive line prospects.

Thanks to so many who have started to blaze a trail, college coaches are now making south Florida a priority for these difference makers up front, and that is something that does not appear to be coming to an end anytime soon.


PLAYER: Laurence Seymore


SCHOOL: Miami Central

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: From the time he stepped on campus at Miami Central, here is a talented young man who had already carved out quite a path for himself at the youth level.

Chosen as one of the nation’s best, young offensive line prospects, Seymore has continued to mature and improve over the past three seasons.

Quick, athletic, strong and agile are the words that describe this gifted University of Miami commitment. He has been a huge force for the defending 6A state champions the past three years, and as he heads toward his final season, big things are once again expected.

Seymore and the Rockets are going to be a force once again this coming season, when the teams get back out for 2020.



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