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2024 Quarterbacks Are Fast Emerging In South Florida

For years, south Florida was not the real hotbed if you wanted to find quarterbacks.

The athletes that were developed in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties were just that – athletes. The pass a majority of the time mentality didn’t resonate with so many gifted football players that could play multiple positions.

South Florida Boasts National Kicking Specialists

 If you’ve noticed over the past few years, kickers and punters have been getting some spotlight like never before.

With long snappers being draft to kickers and punters being a factor at every level, the attention continues become greater.

2023 south Florida Defensive Backs Living Up To The Lofty Standards

When you mention defensive secondary and south Florida in the same sentence, there’s a good chance that you are talking about elite prospects, who not only make a name at the high school and college level and beyond.

Every year, a defensive back from Miami-Dade or Broward Counties somewhere in college or the NFL – and that’s why college coaches make this area a priority when talking about elite talent.

2023 south Florida Linebackers Are A Talented Group

 There are a number of positions that colleges come to Florida for – and while the defensive secondary, receivers and running backs steal the show, there is another position that is right there as well in south Florida.

For as long as many can remember, the linebacker position has produced some memorable and game-changing talent, and while different schemes have put the position in the spotlight, the opportunity for a linebacker to play various forms of the original position, linebackers still are cut from that same cloth.

South Florida/Florida Teams Receive National Attention

A few weeks back, Max Preps came out with the programs that they figured would be in the mix nationally.

Among those programs were south Florida teams that many believe could easily be in the mix for a mythical national title.