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It’s Jabari Ishmael’s Year To Help Lead Defending 8A State Champion Christopher Columbus

When anyone tells you that making the playoffs – or even better – reaching the state title game – is not important, ignore them. They are certainly not a reliable resource in the recruiting game.

With so much focus these days squarely on recruiting in the state of Florida, and with all the media, fan websites and recruiting services that watch and get out names, exposure is the name of the game.

No matter where you happen to play here in the Sunshine State, the longer your season lasts is such an advantage when it comes to being exposed to colleges and universities.

Reach the playoffs and it’s one, two, three, four or even five more games that colleges will have the chance to see potential recruits perform – and a majority of the time – at a high level.

Prospects in the Sunshine State have long turned heads in the post season, and it has worked out to their advantage.

With college coaches having limited time to watch talent perform during the course of a season, it is often the post season where they can make up for an entire year.


PLAYER: Jabari Ishmael


SCHOOL: Miami Christopher Columbus

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: When you happen to play for a program that is always in the spotlight, athletes often times have an advantage over most.

Here is a young man who has been around the game all of his life – with a father that is a strength coach at the college level, and a brother who blazed a trail to follow on the football field.

Add those positives to being around a program that has produced several key athletes, especially on the defensive line over the past few years, and you have someone who has everything going for him – all the way around.

His size and athletic ability coupled with the knowledge of the game and experience in big games has certainly given this young man a huge opportunity to continue playing at the next level and beyond.

His football playing ability has provided an opportunity for many college and universities across the country to keep an eye on his progress and offer him to continue playing this game.

Jumped onto the radar screen two years ago, and continues to mature and enhance his game for a team that is coming off a first ever state football title.

With this season looming very large for so many prospects across the country, here is someone who can make some more strides as he continues to watch the offers pour in.



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