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Miami Northwestern Defensive Back Tim Burns Jr. Is In Control of His Game

There are a lot of great things about football in south Florida – and one of those is the competition you get the chance to lineup against year-round.

Competing against some of the elite players in the country, a player develops confidence. A swagger that comes along with being able to play against, and win battles, with some of the nation’s premier recruits. It’s been that way for 60 plus years.

You can almost guarantee your future success by stepping up your game to another level in south Florida – and unless you are around this kind of competition 365 days a year, it is indeed something very hard to comprehend.

Outside media, recruiting services and novice college coaches just cannot truly comprehend what it’s like to set your career goals and expectations as an 11-year-old on youth football fields. No matter how much you know about the game – or think you know about the game – you just cannot come to a conclusion about an athlete from this region of the country until you fully understand the shoes they have walked in for over a decade.


PLAYER: Tim Burns Jr.


SCHOOL: Miami Northwestern

CLASS: 2021

HEIGHT: 5-10


SCOUTING: From the time he played at the youth level, you could just tell, despite his lack of his size, that this young man would be special.

Nobody needed to convince anyone about his ability when he landed at Doral Academy. Those who watched him play for years knew that this was going to be an instinctive football player who had talent, athletic ability and a fear for nobody – anywhere in this country.

The University of Miami didn’t have to be told about his ability. They watched it for themselves. They never talked about his overall lack of size – because they watched him dismantle bigger and faster receivers for years.

What you get in this young man is a football player who is up for every challenge, and if you doubt him, he will give you a quick lesson on what it takes to survive in south Florida and come out on top.

Make no mistake about athletes like Tim Burns Jr. Just when you have all these reservations about what he cannot do, he gives a dozen reasons why you are wrong – and will give you a crash course on just why there were over 100 players on NFL rosters from a 100 mile radius in 2019.



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