Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
Linebacker Dustin Vinas Anxious To Show That He Belongs

The funny thing about football recruiting is that many people who happen to do it for a living, sometimes overlook talent that is right in front of their face.

At a time when listening to others who hype certain athletes, coaches spend way too much time on watching and evaluating the wrong talent – while missing prospects who are making things happen.

While evaluating and ranking prospects is not an exact science, those who have done it for a long time seem to know what athletes pass the eye test and which ones are productive and continue to make plays.

St. Thomas Aquinas Newcomer Dallas Turner At The Top of His Game

There are so many quality athletes in south Florida, competing in more than one sport is something that you find all the time.

Back in the day, there was never a question when someone wanted to play multiple sports. In fact, it was encouraged. But times changed throughout the years – and each sport demanded year-round attention.

Playing two sports, while it’s still a huge plus, can cost you when missing out on events that are required to keep up with the competition.

Cardinal Gibbons’ Linebacker Tray Brown Steps To The Front of The Class

When you are a younger football player in south Florida, it’s often tough to grab the spotlight in a sea of major stars.

At several schools across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, there are athletes who have been getting it done throughout the year with very little publicity – but that has been changing slowly.

As we continue to preach, it does not matter what class you happen to be in. If you can make plays and continue to be a difference maker on the football field, you are singled out.

Deerfield’s Standout Defensive Lineman Richard Thomas Is Truly At Another Level

If we learned anything the past few years when it comes to talent in south Florida, it doesn’t make a different what grade you are in – if you can play – you will have your chance.

No matter if it’s an 8th grader, freshman or sophomore, football prospects in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have long been difference makers as soon as they reach the varsity level. It’s nothing new. It has existed for decades.

University School Standout Lineman Marcus Tate Heads Toward A Huge Future

For years and years, when college coaches headed south to recruit football talent, especially in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, receivers and defensive backs were a huge priority.

Of course you had linebackers and defensive linemen along with running backs that would be heavily recruited by colleges all over the nation.

But when it came to looking at offensive linemen, there were just a handful that these schools had real interest in.