Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
Jah-Mal Williams Has Made Some Major Strides For Cardinal Gibbons

The great thing about football in south Florida is all the talent there is to choose from.

It seems that every year, a new face emerges on the scene that very few had the opportunity to watch the year before.

Darius Chester Ready To Have A Breakout Season For 3A Miami Edison

As many areas across the country have plenty of great stories from star football talent, it seems that south Florida may have more than most.

As everyone knows, the talent level and depth in this region of the country is like no other – it plays out every year.

McArthur Standout Isaiah Finnie Is A Major Difference Maker

When you happen to play football in south Florida, sometimes you are subject to being overlooked – and for many – that’s just fine.

With an abundance of talent at just about every position, there are several athletes, while proving what they can do, are often left out of the conversation when boasting and promoting elite players.

Miami Central Standout Laurence Seymore Has Been In The Spotlight For 3 Years

Look on college rosters across the southeast and you will see a number of offensive linemen from a state that usually is not known for churning out quality big men.

That’s right, the Sunshine State – a place that recruiters visit to check out receivers and defensive backs – as well as impressive athletes – is also becoming a destination for colleges and universities to head to for athletic and agile offensive line prospects.

FOLLOWING IN DAD’S FOOTSTEPS: Oronde Gadsden II Catching Everyone’s Attention

As we have said in the past, there are many areas of the country where sibling are following in the footsteps of their parents, but for some reason, south Florida has always been a place where that happens more than most.

Because of the great weather – and the fact that football is easily one of the best from youth to high school, former players are staying in this region of the country, raising families and exposing their children to the best and most respected football programs anywhere in the nation.