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Miami Springs’ Demetrius Hill Continues To Impress Colleges – By Staying Home

They say, it doesn’t matter where you play – if you can play – the colleges will find you.

For all the athletes running from their current teams – chasing something that may appear better as a perceived advancement – is often not. GOSPEL!!!!

Only one team in each class wins a state title. Just one. That means the other programs that have prospects who leave their current school, where they have friends, teachers and administrators that they are comfortable with, are wasting their time – if that’s the reason they depart.

Athletes still have NOT realized that they are the show. They have the talent. All they do is uproot their lives to help someone else benefit.

For every prospect that leaves a comfortable situation, there are so many others that understand the process. They realize that no matter if they stay or go – they are the ones who put in the work to elevate their athletic standing.


PLAYER: Demetrius Hill


SCHOOL: Miami Springs

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Having watched this quality football talent the past two years, there was never a question how gifted he was.

Great ball skills. Tremendous anticipation and plenty of athleticism will give this gifted young man plenty to continue to elevate his status.

This is a cover corner who raises his game when the talent is better. He loves challenges and with his size and ability to cover, you will see his stock continue to rise.

Because many pay little attention to teams and players who are NOT on their radar, they miss out on competition like this – while colleges know exactly who they are.

What also makes this young man so much fun to watch is his ability to play on the offensive side of the ball – where he showcases his skill as a runner and passer at quarterback.

This is a football talent who has emerged as one of those impressive under-the-radar prospects, and the best thing is he was recognized playing for Coach Montoya’s Golden Hawks.



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