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Promising DB Eddrin Lollar Makes Big Change For His Senior Year

The one great thing about south Florida is when you get on the radar screen, you can ride that momentum a long way. But you also have to go out and prove it every week.

Because there are so many analysts and fan websites who rush to get a scoop on everyone, they need to take their time and watch these young men perform – more than once.

With an active off season and plenty of chances to prove what they can do against top-flight competition, it’s best to see many of our amazing prospects several times.

The only glaring negative this off season was spring and summer workouts, camps and combines which have been so essential.


PLAYER: Eddrin Lollar


SCHOOL: Miami Norland

CLASS: 2021

HEIGHT: 5-11


SCOUTING: For those who didn’t watch him perform last season at Miami Norland, his six picks seemed to be a calling card, but it will take much more than being recognized by one or two local media sources to have colleges making several offers.

With a change from Norland to Miami Central this season, it is so vital for this rising prospect to get on the field.

Because many didn’t have the chance to watch the Vikings a year ago, what Lollar was banking on for 2020 is to get on the field and be a part of the normal spotlight that follows the Rockets and helps to elevate their players.

It’s not that this quality football prospect doesn’t have talent, but to go from not being mentioned prior to 2019 to all of a sudden jumping onto the radar is not common – especially in south Florida.

Having watched him perform twice a year ago, you can see that he does have athleticism and plenty of skills, but with the dozens and dozen of prospects who are already on college coaches’ radar screen, 2020 is the season where he turns some of those eyes in his direction.

The college coaches we have talked to want to see more. They want to see his work in the off season produce a more physical talent, and when that happens, you will see the offers start to roll in.

Take nothing away from what Norland does – because they produce more than their share of talent – but a change is sometimes good for a prospect. That is something that Lollar is hoping for this coming season – when things get started.



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