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Versatile Miami LaSalle Senior Eitan Grimberg Is Ready To Lead In 2020

After all the Power 5 and upper level Division 1 football prospects have their scholarships, you still have thousands of football players statewide who are impact players. It’s always been that way.

Not everyone can be 6-5, 300 or run a 4.4 (40), but there are tons of prospects in south Florida who can play the game, and in the end, that is what sets this area apart from so many.

South Florida has always been home to prospects at every level. Football talent that may not have the measurables to play at the major college level, but certainly athletes who can stand toe-to-toe with the best, and often times come out ahead.

Because football is a year-round deal in this region of the state, athletes have the opportunity to not only get better and learn, but also have the chance to perform against many of those “elite” players, raising their value.

Realizing that college coaches have a job to do, and often times cannot take a “smaller” or “slower” athlete, they leave behind some gems, who are happy to fill the rosters at colleges throughout Florida – and in other areas across the country.

The surplus of talent that we have in south Florida often fuels college programs for years. Our athletes are college ready as soon as they arrive on campus – and that is something that coaches applaud and appreciate.


PLAYER: Eitan Grimberg


SCHOOL: Miami LaSalle

CLASS: 2021

HEIGHT: 5-11


SCOUTING: Here is a young man that is loaded with experience. Has the ability to play anywhere up front on the offensive line and for head coach Helder Valle and this improving football program, that is something that helps this team progress.

With a number of younger prospects on the team, players like Grimberg go a long way in enhancing the product on the field.

He is the perfect example of bringing a smaller college someone who can instantly make a difference – not only because of his ability to play the game, but his leadership and intangibles.

While he will certainly be a center at the next level – because of his football IQ and versatility, he can also long snap, which is a huge addition to any program.

Watch him play and you will be impressed. This is a gamer. Someone who works hard and leads by example, which is essential for any program to have.



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