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Cardinal Gibbons’ Standout Jack O’Keeffe Has Worked Hard For Recognition

When you hear athletes talk about hard work and grinding, they are just not words.

To succeed in south Florida, there is no getting around the fact that you have to outwork your opponent – every day, 365, 24/7.

As many will use the motivation “that while you are sitting around and resting, others are working” – there is plenty of merit to the saying.

Because of the amount of talent and competition, it is a must that you can never stop working – and whether it’s in the off season or during the year – gaining the edge on the competition is a year-round thing.

This Coronavirus, while programs are NOT together – is up to every individual to do their part, so when the season does begin, they will be able to continue making an impact and attracting a college scholarship.


PLAYER: Jack O’Keeffe


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Here is a tremendous athlete who has made a major impact since arriving two years ago.

A solid football player that has been overlooked by just about every college, recruiting service and fan website, but if they actually watched him perform – live, they would see exactly what he brings to the Chiefs and head coach Matt Dubuc.

A solid playmaker who used wrestling in the off season as a major personal boost to his football game, and the results have been impressive.

Watch him on the football field and you can see how his speed, strength and maturity have added up to so many positives.

A very physical athlete that this program will be counting on for leadership and play-making abilities, and the college coaches have taken notice.

There are so many athletes in south Florid – and while many are receiving plenty of attention – there are those like Okeeffe, an All-State performer, who is finally getting the attention he deserves.



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