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Miami Booker T. Washington Standout DE Jeremiah Peters Has Made A Difference

Recently on his visit to south Florida, a football analyst observed that south Florida has a number of overlooked athletes.

That statement is true, but there is a whole lot more to it than just saying how colleges tend to overlook prospects in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

First of all, there are more major college prospects in this region of the country than any other area nationally – and while Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties had 115 athletes on payrolls on NFL teams this past year, it illustrates how tough it is to see each and every prospect.

For those who follow this talented group of athletes, they are fully aware of the athletes we have and continue to produce. There are enough fan websites and recruiting writers to uncover a number of these “overlooked” prospects – and even though they continue to get the names out of these impressive athletes, the exposure comes slow.

It’s Jaziun Patterson’s Time To Make A Difference For Deerfield Beach

When it comes to producing running backs in south Florida, each and every year, there are more and more top-flight prospects stepping up.

Through the years, the position has been one where college and universities from all over the nation head to this area in search of that difference maker who can be that impact performer.

While there are several talented runners in all classes, choosing just one as the best is never an easy thing to do. In Miami-Dade and Broward Counties alone, there are quality backs who continue to leave a mark on their teams, and in the process, grab the attention of colleges coaches.

Parkland Douglas QB Matthew O’Dowd Keeps His Dream Alive

There are some people – in every walk of life – that simply will not give up on their dream.

No matter how large the obstacle may be, there are some who continue to live out a dream – taking each bump in the road as a learning experience on the way to reach a destination that they wanted to be at.

Deerfield Beach DB Phillip O’Brien Jr. Embraces His Final Season

By now, if you’ve watched high school football in south Florida, you already know that you cannot simply say you are going to do things, you have to prove them.

Because of amazing talent at every turn, having to prove yourself each and every day is what this region of the country has long been about.

The competition is so intense, and the opportunities so great, you will be challenged at camps, combines, practices and in games. There is no resting on what you did yesterday. If you don’t bring your “A” game with you every time you play football, you will be knocked down at every turn.

Miami Edison DE Francois Nolton Jr. Has The Talent To Change The Game

We often talk about south Florida football talent and how the athletes are starting earlier and earlier to make an impact.

Look on just about any roster in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and you will find prospects who have been getting it done since the 9th grade – some in the 8th at private schools.

The one thing we look back to are the amazingly talent youth programs that have long been in place. From Florida City to Deerfield Beach and just about everywhere in between, athletes are given the opportunity, on a huge stage, to make a statement. What happens on those football fields is talented young men are growing up and maturing right before our very eyes.