Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
Gulliver Prep’s Sedrick Irvin Jr. Is Doing Things His Own Way

One of the toughest things – in any walk of life – is to live up to a successful father, mother, brother, sister or family member.

It’s not new. It has been going on for decades – and whether you try and downplay it and shift the spotlight away – it’s human nature that kids are always going to be compared to who came before them.

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As the pandemic has dictated what has transpired on high school football fields across the country, south Florida has more than done its part to make things safe and competitive for the athletes who have missed out on the exposure needed.

No matter what class they play in – or what college they have in mind, these athletes in south Florida continue to elevate their standing by competing pretty much year-round.

Plantation TE Prospect Devin Howard Is Catching Fire This Winter/Spring

When you think about the off season, especially in south Florida, you think of football.

While many across the country take a break from the sport, south Florida does not have that in their vocabulary. It is the regular season and the off season – and football is the main focus 12 month of the year.

As coaches and players look forward to the challenges of camps and combines, they also love the competition of 7-on-7 events.

St. Thomas Aquinas WR Jake Harrington Is Starting To Attract Plenty of Attention

When it comes to anything in life, it just has to feel right – and while decisions are based on certain things that happen – they are made for our own benefit.

While many have opinions on the way things should go, the end result is how it affects the person making that decision.

Changing schools is never easy for anyone, but sometimes that shift in location can make a difference for the better.

Gunnar Hansen Is Another Line Prospect Who Is Ready To Breakout

As we already know, south Florida is starting to be a place that colleges and universities are heading to for linemen.

In the past, it was never like that – and while we always produced some impressive receivers and defensive backs – along with quality linebackers, defensive linemen and linebackers - offensive linemen were never plentiful in this area.