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Killian’s T.J. Huggins Will Be A Star In 2020

Things are changing when it comes to off season football – and in south Florida – you can already see it happening.

There was a time when 7-on-7 teams would wait until the first and second week of January to host tryouts, but that is certainly not the case anymore.

One of those prospects was emerging star T.J. Huggins, who Miami Killian head coach Derrick Gibson believes will be very special and emerge as one of the elite pass catchers in an already crowded and talent-filled south Florida.


PLAYER: T.J. Huggins


SCHOOL: Miami Killian

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: There is no getting around the fact that this young man is going to be very special for a team that advanced two rounds in the 5A state playoffs this season.

His speed, size and ability to catch the ball against anyone has already put himself in a position where he is blowing up with college recruiters, and as we head toward spring, will easily be one of the top targets for many colleges.

Just watching him during the tryouts, there is NO doubt that when the dust settles, he will emerge as one of the best in Florida and receive plenty of national attention.

As we have done for 50 years, we will continue to spotlight the top prospects in south Florida – no matter how many or few stars they may have.



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