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Linebacker Dustin Vinas Anxious To Show That He Belongs

The funny thing about football recruiting is that many people who happen to do it for a living, sometimes overlook talent that is right in front of their face.

At a time when listening to others who hype certain athletes, coaches spend way too much time on watching and evaluating the wrong talent – while missing prospects who are making things happen.

While evaluating and ranking prospects is not an exact science, those who have done it for a long time seem to know what athletes pass the eye test and which ones are productive and continue to make plays.

College recruiters have limited time and are often pointed in the wrong direction, and while those coaches never last long, their mistakes cost plenty of potential standouts a scholarship.


PLAYER: Dustin Vinas


SCHOOL: Miami Christopher Columbus

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Any time you have a championship program, there are bound to be athletes who certainly make plays that spark their team – away from the spotlight.

Here is easily one of the best linebackers in south Florida. Someone who came to perform every week and made those plays that helped the Explorers down the stretch.

What he brings to the table is not only athleticism and talent, but this is a gifted young man who is a leader, and will have a chance to showcase that this coming year as head coach Dave Dunn and his team defend their 8A state title – the first in school history.



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