Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
Anthony Hankerson Brings Back Memories of Some Great Football Players

In every generation, you will get those who will proclaim that players of their era are the best – and that is indeed what sports is all about.

Athletes who do everything well – those who simply are as good as you will find anywhere at any time.

In the history of St. Thomas Aquinas football’s rich tradition, there have been elite performers who have gone on and done some tremendous things – in college and beyond.

Miami Gulliver Prep Sophomore Carson Haggard Continues To Impress

The one thing about south Florida is there are no pretenders when it comes to showcasing football talent.

Because teams play each other – and compete year round – there are very few issues when talking about athletes who belong among the elite in an area that is certainly second to none for producing talent.

Miami Gulliver’s Lamont Green Jr. Wants To Carve Out His Own Success

Over the past month, when we post spotlights, it usually has something to do with a father and son.

If you live in south Florida, nobody needs to tell you how impressive the talent level is – and while we have more prospects who play at a high level of college and professional football, their often settle in this area after their playing days are over.

Hallandale LB Joshua Glaze Will Be A Headliner In 2020

The one thing about south Florida, is some of your best prospects don’t always have the most stars.

Because those who evaluate and watch talent do not see everyone and every game, there are difference makers who fly way beneath the radar screen – and while that may be hard to believe – look at all the gifted football players you have in this region.

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It has been a crazy off-season – with the pandemic still somewhat dictating what transpires on high school football fields across the country.

No matter what class they play in – or what college they have in mind, these athletes in south Florida continue to elevate their standing by competing pretty much year-round.