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Decarlo Donaldson Has Been A Prospect On Everyone’s Radar

Because of the amount of talent that is produced annually in south Florida, there is a reason to actually get out and watch these gifted prospects live and not rely on what anyone else will tell you.

We are in the age of hanging around your home computer and watching the same film everyone gets a chance to view, and it has produced so many “experts” who have all the answers and rarely get out and see these student/athletes perform – feet away from you.

Each year, many football players are pushed and hyped by people who really never get to watch the athlete do more than you see on film, and that is a major problem.

Recruiting has come down to knowing about character, grades and what kind of teammate each prospect is. It will make all the difference in the world.


PLAYER: Decarlo Donaldson


SCHOOL: Miami Gulliver Prep

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: Having watched this young man perform four times this past season for a program that won the district title and advanced to the playoffs, we had the opportunity to watch a very talented talent who was not only a great individual player, but for being just a sophomore, was a tremendous team prospect.

His size, athleticism and overall athletic ability made this quality football talent one of the premier underclassmen in Florida.

Watching him play, this is a prospect that every college wants because of the fact that he understands the game and is willing to do what it takes to make his team better.

As he made the move after the season to attend 4A Miami Gulliver Prep, nothing will change – no matter where he plays. This is the kind of prospect who elevates those around him.

Ask coaches who watch everything an athlete does how important it is to not only evaluate talent on the field, but also character and ALL will agree that it’s the only way to measure the impact of a future difference maker.



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