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Gulliver Prep Standout Gabe Nealy’s Stellar Off Season Has Thrust Him Into The Spotlight

Nobody wants to be an advocate for a change of location, but sometimes it does work.

As south Florida has become the epicenter for athletes changing schools – and that is NOT glorifying it more than bringing the attention to what continues to transpire each year - top-fight athletes change schools for a number of reasons.

We already know that there are two sides to every coin – and this is no different. If you are receiving the athletes, it is simply no problem at all, but if you are losing big time talent, your view changes – in a hurry.

Our only hope is that these transfers made are beneficial to those student/athletes down the road.

With many athletes and their families “chasing rings and titles” – the solution is not always a wise one to move schools, but there are other reasons that players leave one program or another and frankly those decisions need to be the business of the family.

For decades and decades, transfers have taken place – and as many watch these moves closely, the only hope is that they are done for the right reasons.

As some end up successful and work out, others don’t, but that is often the chance to you take.


PLAYER: Gabe Nealy


SCHOOL: Miami Gulliver Prep

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Here is a football talent that we have watched since he arrived in high school, seeing him perform at South Miami – before making that move to attend school and compete for the top 4A seed Raiders.

This is a versatile football talent that we have had the opportunity to watch live – at different positions – and with his size and skill set – there is no getting around the fact that he is a playmaker who not only covers from his cornerback position, but has learned to be a much better tackler.

In the playoff game against Miami Booker T. Washington, like so many other games we watched him perform in, he was around the ball and did the things that quality players do to get noticed.

The one thing that he has done from his first season is improve. His work ethic has been impressive – and that is what college coaches point out all the time.

If this team is to reach those lofty goals – like a state championship appearance in 2020, players like “Spida” Gabe Nealy will certainly need to step up and make an impact – like he did this past season.



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