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Lineman Marco Fugar Is Ready For His Final Season At The High School Level

With the 2020 season on the horizon, we are evaluating prospects at every position.

Because there are so many companies now in Florida, giving you their lists and opinions on prospects, you have to sort through those “sources” to see which ones have actually watched these football players that they are ranking and evaluating.

This has become a business where companies will just put things out to get subscribers and viewers, which is fine, but if those football players that you are talking about are never watched – other than the same film everyone can view – the opinion is somewhat hollow.

Evaluations are not only based on talent, but so much more – and that is why what we have done for 50 years is to FULLY dissect each and every football player we rank, profile, spotlight and talk about.

College coaches who have long followed us know that when we talk about athletes, it’s from watching what they do firsthand – and that includes being on the sidelines and looking at character and other important facets that very few look at.


PLAYER: Marco Fugar


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Having watched this quality football talent over the past year – as a part of a playoff team at Plantation – he definitely pops out at you, and not just because of his size.

As part of a solid Plantation offensive line, which was a run/pass unit, the first thing that you notice was his athleticism and vocal leadership up front. A take charge kind of talent that schools such as the University of Pittsburgh (committed) watched and appreciated last year.

His footwork, strength and overall football ability certainly shined through in 2019.

Remember, as a member of Plantation’s football program, he had the chance to play against his new school twice last year, so all parties are very familiar with one another.

Certainly will be a catalyst up front for a team loaded on the line for the upcoming season.



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