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Coconut Creek Standout Trevell Mullen Learned By Watching Some Elite Talent

The best thing about having older siblings who do the same things you do is learning on the run.

Whether it’s a father or a brother, the path that is followed is often the best part of the process.

Getting the chance to watch and learn from mistakes – while improving your game is what it’s all about.

Football is indeed a crazy game – where it’s the little things you pick up can go a long way in changing and improving your overall game. You can see this in Travell’s approach.


PLAYER: Trevell Mullen


SCHOOL: Coconut Creek

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: Having watched so many gifted defensive backs in south Florida, the best ones are usually those who are not afraid to create positives and establish a solid work ethic. Here is one of those young men.

Having brothers who have paved the way is always a plus – but getting out and doing what you do best against superior competition is what sets the apart the good from the great.

Here is a very talented football prospect who has lined up against top-flight talent for years, and coming into the 2020 season, he is ready to start separating himself from a very gifted pack of players.

Watching his progress this coming season as becomes a true catalyst for a program that lost quite a few players.

What many love about his play is his size, athleticism and ability to be very physical.

Was a member of the highly successful Florida Fire 7-on-7 program the past two years.



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