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Kicking Specialist John Cannon Continues To Raise The Bar

By now, we all know that kickers and punters are not the main priority on football teams. It’s long been that way.

But there is no getting around how vital an accurate a kicker or solid punter can be to any program – just ask the University of Miami, where a solid kicking game could have turned the entire season around in 2019.

Thanks to so many who have helped to elevate and shine a spotlight on kickers, punters and even long snappers, these young men – and in some cases – women, are now being recognized and receiving plenty of interest.

College scholarships are now on the line every time a specialist steps on to the football field.


PLAYER: John Cannon


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale University School

CLASS: 2021

HEIGHT: 5-10


SCOUTING: While there are so many impressive special teams performers in south Florida, it is getting easier to get lost in the shuffle.

While John Cannon is one of the best in the region, he is often overlooked and not mentioned with the rest – and while that would normally be a concern – it’s not in his case.

Because he mainly competes in events and showcases away from this area of the country, he doesn’t get the local hype that many quality kickers and punters receive, which is understandable.

While events like the Kornblue Showcase attracts national specialists from all over the nation, Cannon is usually taking his talents to California, Texas and other places, where he has been singled out for his performance.

Watch him perform and there is no getting around that his leg is explosive and accurate and has been a huge reason why head coach Daniel Luque and the Sharks have been so successful.

Working with former Douglas High and Alabama standout P.J. Fitzgerald, Cannon has watched his accuracy and leg strength continue to improve, and the college attention has been impressive.

While football has long been about those position players, it has also been about making that kick at the end of the game or coming up with a solid punt to help the defense.



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