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Stranahan’s Gifted Junior Omar Graham Is One To Keep An Eye On In 2020

Having been around high school football fields for 50 years, you tend to see a lot of changes that take place.

Back in the day, no matter how talented you were – getting playing time on the varsity level was something that rarely happened.

In the 1970’s and the early 80’s, many high school had just 10-12, so any freshmen that would reach the field had to be at a private school.

Today, having a 9th or 10th grader inserted in the lineup is nothing new. In fact, many programs thrive with the addition of younger athletes.

No matter if its’s a championship team or just a program in the hunt, you are seeing more and more the need to use underclassmen to infuse the program with talent.


PLAYER:Omar Graham, Jr.


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale Stranahan

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: There is no doubt that this is truly one of the emerging underclass linebackers in south Florida.

A playmaker who has quickness, athletic ability and a knack of being around the ball.

Watch him perform live and it’s a lot different than evaluating him like many continue to do – from film.

Had the opportunity to watch him in 2019, despite missing three games, his speed and knowledge of the position – along with a great work ethic has elevated him into a position where he is going to be special in 2020. He is a solid prospect who is still learning.

His play as a sophomore at Northeast only gave college coaches a small sample size, but with the Dragons this coming year, he will certainly make an impact and give this program a player who is a run stopper that is learning more and more about pass coverage.

The Dragons continue to pick up stellar athletes, and this is certainly one of them.



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