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St. Thomas Aquinas Linebacker Jaydon Hood Is Anxious For His Senior Season

One thing about south Florida that we have learned over the years is that more student/athletes transfer than anywhere on earth – and while we usually find out how those moves pay off, this spring has not been too friendly.

With no spring practice – and most likely nothing going on during the summer with this ongoing pandemic, those who made the move over the past five months will have to wait until the fall (crossing our fingers) for things to play out.

For athletes who are playing for new schools in 2020, getting to know their teammates and coaches is usually the roughest thing – and thanks to the Coronavirus – it will be much tougher this time around.

Transfer occur for a number of reasons, and while exposure is usually the reason, many still are bothered by this happening. But these are the times we live in, and those who are looking to better themselves shouldn’t be judged. It is their choice and their life.


PLAYER: Jaydon Hood


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Without hesitation, this is one of the biggest – or perhaps the biggest move in the off season.

This one-time West Palm Beach Cardinal Newman standout is one of the most heavily recruited prospects in the sunshine state.

His play on the field is indeed something that future stars are made of, and the opportunity to come south to play for the defending 7A state champions is truly exciting for this young man.

Every event he attends, he ends up being one of the players that everyone wants to see – and as they watch him go through his drills, there is no mistaking that this will certainly be a centerpiece to a team that elevated Hall of Famer Jason Taylor to Defensive Coordinator.

But as impressive as he is on the football field, here is someone who also knows how to get it done in the classroom, where he takes his studies very serious and has elevated his overall status – as college coaches from coast-to-coast have shown how they feel about his amazing talents – on and off the playing field.

When the season begins, you will be bowled over by what this student/athlete brings to the table.



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