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NEXT UP: Northwestern’s D’shawn Trowers Is A True Difference Maker

If there was anything that came out of this year that was positive – it had to be the way so many younger prospects stepped up to grab that spotlight.

No matter what class they play in – or what college they have in mind, these athletes in south Florida will have our support in helping to promote these gems.

Having the pleasure of watching so many football prospects LIVE in game conditions, we have that opportunity to discover much more than the athletes that are hyped and pushed out by every recruiting service and fan website.

Anyone can watch a film and be an “expert”, but very few can make the effort to promote prospects nobody sees or talks about by watching them play.


PLAYER: D’Shawn Trowers


SCHOOL: Miami Northwestern

CLASS: 2022

HEIGHT: 5-10


SCOUTING: Ever since he played youth football in south Florida, here is one of those prospects who was viewed as a “can’t miss” talent.

Watch him run and you can see speed, explosion and knowledge of the position. He is easily one of the best you will see.

One of the hardest runners around, this is gifted young man who had a tough 2020, which included dealing with the loss of his mother and making a few stops along the way.

From Hialeah to Palm Beach County for a few months – and now back to Miami-Dade as he is getting ready for his final season at the high school level with the Bulls.

If you have watched him perform, you already know that this is indeed a back who is a cut above. Talk to college coaches – or those who have played against him – and all will tell you that this a talented young man who has the chance to be as good as any back in Florida – and throughout much of the country. Speed, toughness and a knack of knowing where to go at all times.

With a full off-season in the Bulls’ system and 2021 will be one that will erase those memories from this past year.

Here is the kind of athletes south Florida continues to produce. Just check collegiate and NFL rosters for validation.



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