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Monsignor Pace DE Shemar Stewart Living Up To The Hype

In this day and age of high school football, being the “total package” is something that is hard to find.

But what is the “total package” when it comes to a 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grader? Isn’t that a phrase that is reserved for a college player or even someone who is competing at the professional level?

When we hand out any kind of labels or tags in any sport, it often comes from an impression made – and while it is usually related to athletic performance – sometimes it does include character, work in the classroom and being an outstanding teammate.

There are so many things that are overused these days, but when you have something special, at a young age, you want to heap as much praise as possible, to let the public know that what you have is indeed very unique.


PLAYER: Shemar Stewart


SCHOOL: Miami Monsignor Pace

CLASS: 2022

HEIGHT: 6-5.5


SCOUTING: When he was deemed as the No. 1 player in the country a year ago, many were caught off guard. They simply hadn’t had enough time to break Shemar’s game down.

It wasn’t enough that veteran head coach Mario Perez had boasted about this impressive football talent, those who evaluate and rate prospects had not watched for themselves.

Perez has only coached and been around more high-level football talent the past decade than just about any other football coach in Florida – as the Offensive Coordinator for powerhouse Plantation American Heritage.

Last week, at the Rivals Camp at Hialeah’s Milander Stadium, the “experts” had the chance to watch this gifted underclassman for themselves, and while it was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, his athleticism was so impressive that he was invited to the Elite Rivals event as one of the top players in attendance.

But as we all know there is not a lot that college coaches will do with an evaluation that comes from a combine, camp or 7-on-7, and that is to be expected.

The real Shemar Stewart can be evaluated from this past season – where his contribution for this playoff team showcased his football skills, leadership and being that well-rounded “total package” for the Spartans.



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