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Under Armour Brings Out Top Quarterbacks

While there are many positions in Florida that are known for producing top-flight talent, quarterback has really never been one of them.

Before you press the panic button and start to point to every quarterback from the Sunshine State that has made it, take a step back and understand that it’s not that we don’t put out some amazing and Heisman Trophy-winning talent. But the reality is that there is very little depth at the position – at an elite level.

Linebackers Make A Statement At Under Armour Combine

Through the years, the one position that continues to improve is linebackers.

While there have been so many impressive prospects in the state of Florida – and south Florida in particular – over the years, the 2021 season will certainly showcase some elite outside, middle and inside linebackers, who can fill any scheme colleges from across the country run.

Receivers Open Some Eyes At Under Armour Combine

When last weekend’s Under Armour Combine took place at Ives Park in North Miami-Dade County, there were some who felt that the level of talent at the event didn’t measure up to the usual star cavalcade this region offers up.

But that general statement was made without really thinking things out. This is south Florida. No matter who may be missing, there are tons of athletes ready to step in and steal that spotlight. The depth at every position is mind-boggling, to say the least.

Offensive Linemen Shine At The Under Armour Combine

If you follow recruiting in south Florida, you already know that producing offensive linemen was never something that this region was known for.

But through the past few years, more and more attention has been paid to the “big boys” – and now as we approach the 2021 season – things have changed.

Under Armour Combine Showcases Defensive Backs

With talk from several “experts” on Sunday about the Under Armour South Florida Combine not being as talented as in the past, the opinions were met with laughter.

On a weekend when several of the top prospects were out of town, competing in a 7-on-7 tournament, the level of talent at Ives Park in North Miami Dade County was still loaded with elite athletes, who every major college in America is looking at – or has offered.