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SPRING FOCUS: Central Is Right Where They Need To Be

To fully understand the football culture that exists at Miami Central is something that you need to be a part of.

The Rockets continue to be among the best football teams in the nation each year because of many things.

SPRING FOCUS: St. Brendan Continues To Win & Develop Talent

The success of Miami St. Brendan has not come over night, and certainly has not come without a lot of planning and hard work.

What head coach Luis Rodriguez and his talented staff of experienced coaches have done is continue what Rodriguez has long done – develop talent and start the athletes at an early age.

SPRING FOCUS: Weaver, Coral Springs Remain Confident

Imagine you are a first year coach who has plans how to build a program into a contender – once again.

As soon as you get all your plans in order and get the off-season ready, Covid hit, and the rest has been history.

SPRING FOCUS: Miami Edison Reloads For Another Run

We all understand how rough the 2020 season was for everyone – and while Miami Edison fell short, head coach Luther Campbell and the Red Raiders learned plenty this past season.

With an off-season that has been productive for this program, there is a lot to be optimistic about – as spring is now less than a month away, this team will put the 2020 season behind them and build from what was learned.

SPRING FOCUS: Monarch Looks To Build On Its Success

While 2020 was a huge blow to many schools as athletes were not given the chance to showcase their skills live in front of college coaches, you can add Monarch to that growing list.

What head coach Dante Lombari and assistant head coach Calvin Davis went through was indeed something that the players and coaches will never forget. Something that brought reality close to home.