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Teddy Bridgewater, Miami Northwestern Aim For The Playoffs In 2024

The big news last November in Liberty City was all about how their beloved Miami Northwestern Bulls were not in the state playoffs.

Football not being played at that time of year on 71st Street is not accepted. In fact, the longtime fans let their feelings be known that they were not pleased.

This is a proud program that when it comes to the football season, there is no choice. You win or you will hear the backlash.

Walk the halls of this school and you will see what football means. Memories of the hundreds of gifted football players who put this school on the map – nationally – can be felt with every step.

When the season came to an end, it was one of those students that stepped up and came to the rescue.

Teddy Bridgewater is not your normal athlete who is done well and forgot where he came from.

Since leaving for the University of Louisville, and NFL stops in Minnesota, Carolina, New Orleans, Miami and Detroit have always been about his hometown and those who make up this special community.

Whether it was making children and adults happy with gifts or giving his alma mater plenty of attention - in and out of the classroom - this native son has always returned.

Now, after the NFL season was completed, he has come back fulltime to help bring the Bulls back to where he left them when he headed to college.

Surrounded by tremendous coaches and a great support system, Bridgewater has hit the ground running and embraces the spring in a contagious way.

Teddy Bridgewater is the head coach of Miami Northwestern, and while he offers no promises of what’s ahead, he does guarantee discipline and hard work – year-round.

The off-season has been busy getting things ready for August when this team will travel to Coconut Creek to play in the Broward National Football Showcase.

This spring and summer will be about leaning on the rising seniors (2025) for talent and experience.

Among those prospects include Cameron Anderson (DB – 2.9 GPA), Lineten Belizaire (DB – 2.6 GPA), standout Antonio Branch Jr. (DB – 2.55 GPA), Devin Brown (DB – 2.8 GPA), nationally rated receiver Jade Card (3.1 GPA), impressive Tywan Cox (DB – 3.0 GPA), well respected King Davis (RB), Isaiah DeLoach (DE – 2.9 GPA), Zamir Frank (LB – 3.0 GPA), Twan Glover (WR – 2.9 GPA), Terrell Gordon Jr. (Athlete – 2.7 GPA), and experienced Samuel Griffin (LB – 2.5 GPA).

The 2025 class also features Omari Hollis (RB – 3-0 GPA), talented Daruis Johnson (WR – 3.2 GPA) and Lewon Lurry Jr. (DE – 2.5 GPA) – as well as C.J. Marquis (DE – 3.0 GPA), Calysis Parks (OL – 2.8 GPA), Jamari Pickett (DL – 2.8 GPA), Rafael Pineda (LB – 3.1 GPA), Ethan Rowe (OL – 2.5 GPA), nationally respected Ethan Silva (P/K – 3.0 GPA), Maci Warthen (DB – 3.0 GPA), and defensive lineman Deandre Wheeler (3.3 GPA)


As impressive as the rising senior class will be, the Class of 2026 (rising juniors) could be as solid as anyone in south Florida.

With standouts like Jemel Bonica (DE – 2.5 GPA), J’Vari Flowers (DB – 3.3 GPA), Elijah Hardy (Athlete – 3.0 GPA), Desmond Johnson (LB – 3.0 GPA), Brandon Kinsey (Athlete), Florentino Lopez (QB – 2.5 GPA), Tarvail Mathis Jr. (RB – 2.5 GPA), Roderick McFadden (DL), Key’on Mena (OL), Leon Strawder (QB – 3.0 GPA) and national recruit Calvin Russell III (Athlete – 2.7 GPA), this train could keep rolling for a long time.

That 2026 group also features Demetrius Jones (OL/DL – 2.5 GPA), Nicsaint Joseph (WR – 2.8 GPA), Juelz Nelson (OL), Odonis Pierre (OL), Sean Singleton (RB), and receiver Kenyan Thompkins (2.5 GPA)

The rising sophomore class (2027) will also make a contribution with nationally regarded Nicholas Lennear (Athlete – 2.5 GPA) – as well as Jeaden Jackson (DB – 2.5 GPA), Jacob Smart (LB – 2.5 GPA), Jaylen Thanis (DL – 4.0 GPA), Remarcus Tunier (OL – 2.7 GPA), and lineman Jeremiah Young (2.5 GPA).

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