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Miami Booker T. Washington Is Back On The Map


Head Coach: Tim “Ice” Harris

2021 Record: 5-7


There are very few high school football programs in the country where you can see change in a matter of months like what happened to this team this spring and summer.

The return of the legend Coach Tim “Ice” Harris Sr. was behind the transformation of a school that has been in its share of the national spotlight through the years.

Big time football talent and solid coaching has always followed this program, and with the return of Harris, who was the head coach at Florida Memorial University, you could feel the electricity this spring as players and coaches alike turned up the volume in Overtown once again.

In what turned out to be a tremendous month of June, the Tornadoes used the spark that this team had during late April and into May as they look to get back in not only the state championship picture, but the national conversation as well.

What this spring and summer has done was give this program a chance to rebuild the roster, and they certainly have added some pieces – while others have matured and grown up. Here is a look at some of those prospects to keep an eye on in 2022:


Teion Boyd (DL, 5-10, 215)

Cormury Butts (LB, 6-0, 220)

Jamorie Flagg (DL, 6-3, 255)

Jahbrey Hewitt (DB, 5-7, 160)

Xavier Irvin (WR, 5-11, 175)

Andrew Johnson (WR, 5-8, 165)

Alexis Louis (OL, 5-11, 230)

Cordell Roberts (DL, 5-9, 233)

Charlie Rodgers (WR, 5-10, 170)

Fabian Scott (DB, 6-3, 172)

Jameson Van Fleet (DE, 6-2, 160)

Carlton Williams (LB, 5-7, 175)

Xavier Wilson (DE, 6-3, 190)

Winston Wright (DB, 5-6, 145)


David Bogan (DL, 6-1, 265)

Andre Brown Jr. (WR, 5-7, 140)

Terrance Chambers (OL/DL, 5-8, 212)

Ryan Jean-Felix (OL, 6-2, 265)

Jadarius Gaines (Athlete, 6-1, 175)

Leroy James (DB, 5-11, 185)

Jayden Knowles (WR, 6-3, 180)

James Lewis (LB, 5-9, 153)

Gerald Modest (RB, 6-0, 180)

Tony Morgan (WR, 5-8, 165)

Clinton Preston (DL, 5-7, 189)

Jahmari Robinson (DE, 6-2, 170)

Claudell Sherman (QB, 5-11, 175)

Antwon Smith (RB, 5-11, 218)

Jeremiah Stanley (DB, 5-9, 150)

Dwayne Sturrup (LB, 5-10, 200)


Ronald Beliard (DB, 5-9, 140)

Antonio Branch (DB, 6-2, 160)

Lamont Davis (WR, 5-4, 120)

Ben Hanks Jr. (DB, 6-2, 160)

Eric Henton (WR, 5-8, 145)

Phillip Jackson (OL/DL, 5-9, 244)

Stephon Johnson (OL, 6-4, 270)

Rudolph Jones (QB, 5-11, 165)

Chavis Knowles (OL, 6-0, 240)

Darrian Mobley (WR, 5-7, 120)

Fabulis Scott (DB, 5-10, 130)

David Shorter (DL, 6-1, 189)

Jamari West (WR, 5-10, 160)

Cartel Williams (DL, 5-11, 185)

Damar Williams (OL, 5-9, 215)

Tyrique Williams (RB, 5-6, 168)


Jemel Bonica (DE/TE, 6-3, 225)

Jaylen Blackwell (OL, 6-0, 245)

Santonio Chatman (DB, 5-5, 140)

Mark Clarkson (LB, 5-10, 168)

Anton Smith (WR, 5-7, 145)


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