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Special Teams Showcase Produces Top Prospects

Over the past decade, punters, kickers and long snappers have had a forum to expose their craft. Last weekend was one of those opportunities.

One time University of Michigan standout Brandon Kornblue, a standout kicker during his career, has been on the leading edge of promoting this “craft” perhaps more than anyone in the country.

While others have followed behind, it’s been Kornblue who has given specialists an opportunity for exposure to colleges and universities across the country – with his showcase events and instruction.

From his work with kickers and punters to his ties with coaches who have been making a name as long snappers, his events are among the best you will find. His year-round commitment to making college ties and serving as a bridge between student/athlete to college coaches has put him in a class by himself.

His south Florida stop in his showcase events last week at Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Lauderdale once again shined a rather large spotlight on elite kickers, punters and long snappers.

The Kornblue Kicking Summer Showcase – one of two he runs in this region of the country – produced some impressive special teams performers who will help their respective programs this coming season.

Because these showcases have gotten to the point where college coaches wait for results and video, more and more young men are finding homes at colleges and universities across the nation.

This year’s summer showcase was highlighted by numerous standout performances.

“Following our showcase, there were more specialists awarded the Fab 50’s 5-Star rating than ever before at a single event,” Kornblue explained. “You can see how this becomes larger and larger every year – and that is what makes the future so exciting.

Here is a look at those who earned the coveted 5-Star The distinction, which categorizes them as an athlete who could start for an FBS program as a freshman: 

Austin Lloyd - 2021 Kicker, Florida

Christian De Villiers - 2023 Punter, Miami Christopher Columbus

Alex Davis - 2023 Punter, Orlando Timber Creek

Nico Davis - 2023 Long Snapper, Brighton, Michigan

Trey Dubuc - 2023 Long Snapper, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons

Robert Hammond - 2023 Kicker, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons

Michael Kern - 2024 Kicker/Punter, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas

Jonathan Zarut - 2024 Long Snapper, Miami Christopher Columbus


The Calvary Christian event concluded with Cardinal Gibbons’ Hammond drilling a personal best 65 yard field goal. Nico Davis earned the highest point total for the long snappers and Christian De Villiers recorded the highest numbers as a punter.


JUCO/College Transfer Kicking

1st Place – Alexander Russ (FAU)

JUCO/College Transfer Kicking 2nd Place – Austin Lloyd (FL)

JUCO/College Transfer Kicking 3rd Place – Erickson Buck (Alabama)

2023 Kicking Champion – Robert Hammond III (Cardinal Gibbons)

2023 Kicking 2nd Place (tie) – Shaun Morse (Beavercreek, Ohio)

2023 Kicking 2nd Place (tie) – Jason Zapata (Somerset Academy Homestead South)

2023 Punting Champion – Christian DeVilliers (Miami Christopher Columbus)

2023 Punting 2nd Place – Alex Davis (Orlando Timber Creek)

2023 Punting 3rd Place – Rocco D’Angelo (Naples Barron Collier)

2023 Long Snapping Champion – Nico Davis (Brighton HS, MI)

2023 Long Snapping 2nd Place – Trey Dubuc (Cardinal Gibbons)

2023 Long Snapping 3rd Place – Justin Wood (Miami Palmetto)

2024 Kicking Champion – Michael Kern (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas)

2024 Kicking 2nd Place – Quentin Ubaydi (Stoney Creek, Michigan)

2024 Kicking 3rd Place (tie) – Cooper Holman (Naples Gulf Coast)

2024 Kicking 3rd Place (tie) – Gabriel Perez (Miami Southridge)

2024 Kicking 3rd Place (tie) – Francesco Pileggi (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas)

2024 Punting Champion – Michael Kern (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas)

2024 Punting 2nd Place – Broderick Boehm (Westfield, Indiana)

2024 Punting 3rd Place – Gabriel Perez (Miami Southridge)

2024 Long Snapping Champion – Jonathan Zarut (Somerset Academy South Homestead)

2024 Long Snapping 2nd Place – David McDermott (Stuart South Fork)

2024 Long Snapping 3rd Place – Cade Puckett (Cairo, Georgia)

2025 Kicking Champion– Luca Guerra (Doral Academy)

2025 Kicking 2nd Place – Ryker Moye (Terrell Academy, Georgia)

2025 Kicking 3rd Place – Marc Cappuccitti (Choate Rosemary Hall, Mississauga, Ontario)

2025 Punting Champion – Vaughn Lennon (Fort Myers)

2025 Punting 2nd Place – Adrian Muelle (Miami Belen Jesuit)

2025 Punting 3rd Place – Brent Fardette III (Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons)

2025 Long Snapping Champion – Chase Ortiz (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas)

2025 2nd Place – Preston Colo (Naples Barron Collier)

2025 3rd Place – Alex Nocco (Tampa Jesuit)

2026 Kicking Champion – Mason Sargis (North Ft Myers)

2026 Kicking 2nd Place (tie) – Zephaniah Diamond (Naples)

2026 Punting Champion – Zephaniah Diamond (Naples)

2026 Punting 2nd Place – Mason Sargis (North Ft Myers)

2026 Long Snapping Champion – Joshua Silverstein (Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons)

2026 Long Snapping 2nd Place – Xavier Nocco (Tampa Jesuit)

2026 Long Snapping 3rd Place – Henry Shannon (Gainesville Buchholz)




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