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SUMMER FOCUS: Coral Glades Still On The Rise

While many football fans and recruiting analysts wait for programs to arrive before heaping praise on them, there are others who see the potential from the very beginning.

At Coral Glades, the transformation process began as soon as head coach Cam Thomas took the job, and has not stopped since.

Because Thomas came from a winning environment, he accepted nothing less when he moved west to Coral Springs – and as he gets his team ready for the summer – it’s all about business – and that’s why the Jaguars have shown vast improvement over the past few years.

The two spring wins over Miramar Everglades (41-0) and South Plantation (30-6) were vital to the growth of this football program, and the team has used that as a springboard to this off-season.

Coming off a 4-3 pandemic season, this program wasn’t consumed with the four wins as much as the 42-40 loss to Miami High and 20-19 overtime setback against Wellington to close the season.

It’s those losses – along with the 28-3 decision to Parkland Douglas - that will keep the Jaguars moving upward.

With a number of prospects coming back in the senior (2022) class, this summer should be fun for this program – as they showcase talent at several college camps.

Among those prospects to keep an eye on include Kenyon Carney (OL/DL, 5-8, 260), Joell Holmes (WR, 5-9, 165), Nashat Husein (WR, 5-11, 175), Roderic Jackson (OL/DL, 6-0, 225) and impressive quarterback Dylan Knaebel (6-2, 195). There are also players like Ruthdmaer Loussaint (DB, 5-9, 165), Jordan Lyons (OL/DL, 6-2, 245), Kush Patel (DL, 6-3, 235), Chase Petersen (WR/DB, 5-11, 170), Raoul Pierre (DB, 6-2, 191) and gifted prospect Joseph Rispoli (Athlete, 5-11, 225).

In addition, keep an eye on Rodney Stone (LB/SS, 6-2, 196), Corey Tate (DB, 6-0, 170), Daniel Wilkins (TE/DE, 6-5, 200), Kyle Williamson (Athlete, 5-9, 175) and defensive back Jaden Wilson (6-1, 190).


If this program is to continue making waves, the underclassmen will need to step up – and with gifted Class of 2023 receiver Arthur Jenkins III (6-3, 205), the Jaguars are in great hands. With a number of major offers already, he is a talent that this program needs – in a huge way.

In addition to Jenkins, look for Alex Hart (QB, 6-0, 170), Tyler Hunt (DL, 6-3, 260), Jesse Levy (OL, 6-2, 290), Darryl Pauling (DE, 6-1, 222), Jonathan Puddie (DL, 5-10, 245) and linebacker Dominic Sacco (5-9, 200).

The beat goes on with Class of 2024 sophomores Landon Bolding (DE, 6-2, 225), Corey Grant (LB, 5-10, 175), Andrew Eccleston (RB/WR) and kicker/punter Nicholas McCarthy (5-9, 170).


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