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True North Classical Academy Still Loaded With Talent

 If you live in south Florida and follow high school football, you already know the drill when it comes to recruiting.

While it happens everywhere in the country, a magnifying glass is set on Miami-Dade and Broward each season, and there is nothing that will change it.

Way before “school of choice”, student athletes have been moving around at a record pace, and already this off-season we are nearing 100 transfers in just two counties, and we haven’t even reached spring.

If you are the beneficiary of these transfers, you say nothing and move on. If it’s your prospects that are headed out, the “experts” tell you to move on and get over it.

Last season, head coach Greg Laffere and his Miami True North Classical Academy football program won nine times before being upset in the playoffs. The Titans were loaded with quality talent from the senior class all the way down to the eighth graders who impacted the team.

After the season ended, this program lost two of the most high-profile underclassmen, and while the losses were certainly huge and will take some time to fill, this program continues to roll along with an eye on making the state playoffs once again – in year 5.

With a solid rising senior (2025) class, experience and leadership will be key.

Part of that class includes Jacob Corredera (K, 5-6, 140 – 3.4 GPA), Brian Delrio (WR, 5-8, 165 – 4.6 GPA. 1140 SAT), Christian Garcia (CB/WR, 5-7, 152 – 3.32 GPA. PSAT 930), Hunter Martin (MLB, 5-11, 220 – 3.14 GPA), Andrew Rodriguez (WR/DB, 5-11, 150.6 – 2.95 GPA. PSAT 900), Thomas Toca (DL, 5-11, 195 – 3.34 GPA), and defensive lineman Alex Yearwood (5-11, 192, basketball standout).


While nothing can ever be predicted for the future, especially in south Florida, the Titans headed into the off-season with some impressive Class of 2026 rising juniors – such as nationally rated two sport (basketball) star Jasen Lopez (WR, 5-11, 175 – 3.3 GPA), heavily recruited Dominic Turnbull (DB, 6-2, 180) and versatile Camaul King (WR/DB, 6-0, 150).

Add in Jonathan Bejel (TE/LB, 6-1, 200 – 3.5 GPA. 870 PSAT), Nathan Bileca (LB, 5-11, 195 – 4.52 GPA. 1230 PSAT), Zach Eguizabal (DL 6-3.5, 215 – 4.35 GPA. 1180 PSAT), Aldo Fundora (OL/DL, 5-8, 255 – 3.12 GPA. 930 PSAT), Alex Jimenez (OL, 5-10, 185 – 3.9 GPA. 840 PSAT), Andy Lopez (DB, 5-6, 135 – 3.5 GPA. 960 PSAT), Christopher Macias (K, 6-0, 150 – 4.9 GPA. 1270 PSAT, and linebacker Brian Sardinas (5-10, 200 – 3.88 GPA. PSAT).

The 2027 rising sophomore class also has rising standouts like Johnathan Bueno (RB, 5-10, 170), George Harris (LB, 5-11, 191), Ronald Riley (OL, 6-3, 311) and linebacker Marcus Solomon (5-8, 181).

The depth of the class is also evident with Dante De La FE (OL, 5-9, 277), Jayden Jackson (OL, 6-0, 292), Vincent Longo (DL, 5-10, 230), Luis Quevedo (OL, 5-11, 230), Julian Regalado (WR 5-6, 120), and offensive lineman Alejandro Valdes (5-8, 237).

Even the incoming freshman (2028) class will have some prospects to keep an eye on – with Lazaro Diaz (OL, 5-9, 270), Emerson Heffernan (Athlete, 5-10, 155), Enzo Mena (WR, 5-5, 110), Jimmy Rodriguez (OL/DL, 6-0, 215), and versatile lineman Tristan Trauth (OL/DE, 6-1, 180).

In this age of the gifted athletes, even eighth graders are making a major impact – and that can happen this coming season with highly-regarded quarterback M.J. Rucker (QB, 6-1, 154) and receiver Edgar Russell III (5-7, 135).




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