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For the past five plus years while many students take cruises or vacations, there are groups of high school football players that use that week to plan their future.

With high school coaches and parents helping to organize college bus tours, athletes have a unique opportunity to visit colleges and universities throughout the Southeast, Midwest and all over the state of Florida.

These trips not only provide an opportunity for these young men to see schools, meet coaches and watch spring practices, but experience the opportunity to be on the road, sleep in motels and eat together as a group. Things that at the age of 16 and 17, many have never had the chance to do before.

That week on the road takes many student/athletes to places they have never been before. Seeing states and historical places they only read about in textbooks.

The experience is something that many 7-on-7 programs have been doing for a better part of a decade – seeing places such as Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to name a few destinations as well as visiting major colleges and universities along the way.


One of the groups that has been able to make use of the week is Brandon Odoi and his Football Hotbed organization that covers high school and college football throughout south Florida and in the state of Florida.

Odoi also helps promote high school football players – with a pre-season media day and photos that capture many big games and events throughout the year.

This spring, Football Hotbed once again took off on another tour that brought several area high school football players to such places as Miami, FAU, FSU, Florida, Alabama, Georgia State University of Georgia, Troy State University, Clark University (Atlanta) and the University of Central Florida.

While at those schools, the group toured the campus, watched practice, and met college coaches as well as reaching out to players who are at those schools that many know.

In addition, the tour also included seeing many historical landmarks that these young men read about in class throughout the years, providing an educational part of the spring journey.


As Football Hotbed and other groups took advantage of spring break over two weeks, Coconut Creek Monarch and coaches Calvin Davis and Roberto Montanez also provided their players with an experience that will last a lifetime.

The Knights had the opportunity to visit Mississippi, Mississippi State and Syracuse.


While we already know that high school coaches – in all sports – are vastly underpaid – giving up their spring break to expose their athletes is yet another thing that many have no clue about.

In addition to the schools mentioned, high school coaches and players from south Florida also went to FIU, St. Thomas University, Keiser University, Stetson, University of West Florida as well as make stops at places such as Warner, Webber International, Ave Maria, Florida Memorial, University of Fort Lauderdale, FAMU, Bethune Cookman and Southeastern University in Lakeland.

Having so many colleges in the state of Florida provides a huge opportunity for these young men who are searching for an education and opportunity to continue playing the sport they fell in love with at a very early age.

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