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Five Miami-Dade/Broward Class of 2024 Prospects To Watch

As you know by now, our objective is to promote every class and every player possible – via individual and team profiles.

While we cannot get to every single player in the off-season, we try to shine a spotlight on the student/athletes who continue to turn heads with hard work – in and out of the classroom.

We have been very fortunate to watch a number of football players this spring and summer live – and with that knowledge of seeing them and talking with them – we continue to give valid promotion of athletes and NOT just watch a film and rank players.

We have been in this long enough to know that lists and rankings are fine, but when you do not see the prospects live, you miss so much that could end up changing the entire evaluation for the next level – good or bad.

Because we cover the entire state and have watched thousands of athletes perform at camps, combines and 7-on-7 events, we have a more valid idea of what the prospect is all about.

Once again today, we take a look at four south Florida (Miami-Dade and Broward) prospects to keep an eye on this coming season:

Khamani Alexander, RB, 6-1, 185, Miami Belen Jesuit. As we have said before, it’s a shame that so many people rank and evaluate football players without seeing them and just rely off just film. Having watched this tremendous football talent a number of times live, we can honestly say that he has everything you are looking for. Size, speed, great vision and a burst to get through the hole – fast. Like so many promising prospects at this position, he also catches the ball out of the backfield. College coaches who have not watched him play need to stop listening to analysts who really do not know. This is a big-time talent that will take a major leap this season.


Allen Archie, LB, 6-1, 205, Coconut Creek. Like Alexander, here is another football talent on the rise. Following him since his days at Pompano Beach Blanche Ely, this is a strong, aggressive and talented prospect, who is quick and is learning more and more about all the linebacker positions. Watch him play and you will see that he has the opportunity to be very special, and the Cougars are starting to see what he will lend to a program that is trending upward as the 2022 season is right around the corner. A name to remember!


Gerald Modest, RB, 6-0, 185, Miami Booker T. Washington. From his youth football days to his time at Miami Edison, there is no getting around the potential that this young man has. Playing for the Tornadoes will be a major advantage for someone who has already had the opportunity to be watched and evaluated by a number of colleges. He still has so much to learn, and when he gets it, the sky is indeed the limit. As he showed during the spring and on the 7-on-7 tour, he can catch the ball, too.


Keith Thompson, LB, 6-0, 225, Fort Lauderdale Dillard. Watching this quality talent a few times during the spring, you can easily see why this is a prospect who is on the rise. He has a very high football IQ, which combines with his aggressive style, quickness, size and passion for the game. This will be a huge season for this young man as he will play a challenging schedule and will have plenty of coaching along the way. Another prospect that you are going to need to watch. Made his way over from Deerfield Beach in the off-season.


Josh Townsend, QB, 5-10, 200, Homestead. Here is the perfect example of many NOT watching him live and using video to rank and evaluate him. In fact, before the recent 7-on-7 tournament, very few people had watched him, and now that they have, they can see what everyone has been raving about. Strong and accurate arm, great decision maker and a leader – which you just cannot see on a film clip. This is a name that you will hear plenty about in the next two years.





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