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Covid Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

While we are going through a time that many of us have not experienced before, the word from “science” is that this is nowhere near being over or controlled.

You can be angry at anyone you want, but the fact is that our lives are being held hostage by a pandemic that continues to get worse and take on new variances.

Get vaccinated all you want, but Covid can still get into your system and make life horrible – maybe not deadly, but still cause enough discomfort to make this a tough January.

Unfortunately, we are a society of non-believers who ignore what is being told to us – and it takes someone close getting sick to have reality hit home, and it happens – over and over.

For months, the many who continue to ignore reality are the first ones to complain and start the name-calling. When games are called off – like we’ve watched the past few weeks – there are those who are in disbelief that bowl games have been postponed because of Covid or a number of variances.

What is truly alarming about this entire pandemic is that there is no date on when we will have things under control – and those who have continued to minimize Covid and everything that surrounds it, in any form, are now seeing that this is no joke, and lives hang in the balance.

With high school football prospects using this time of year to start their off-season training, it could definitely find things have not changed from last year.

Perhaps the one facet of this off-season that could suffer again are 7-on-7 events – as well as camps and combines. Most may be ready to compete, but the facilities that are being used – city, county or schools - could be closed, and that is something that nobody is looking forward to.

We are a nation that loves our sports, especially football – and when you happen to live in a state where we are open for business 365 days a year – it becomes more frustrating.

When the Sun Bowl was cancelled, many south Florida football fans began to understand how serious all this is, and Miami Hurricane fans were no pleased.

Whether you want to hear it or not, and continue to think this is all overblown, maybe the national championship or the Super Bowl being called off will magnify these horrible times were are living through.

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