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SPRING FOCUS – Slowing Down Cardinal Gibbons Will Not Be Easy

It took several years to accomplish, but Cardinal Gibbons has arrived – and the Chiefs plan on staying around.

What head coach Matt Dubuc wanted to do since taking over for Mike Morrill, is not only build a winning team, which this program had been for years, but now has the roster to be a force every year in the race for a state title.

Make no mistake – after winning a second state crown in three years – this is a program that has been knocking on the door for years – and while it took a few wakeup calls against national powers Miami Central and Miami Northwestern – along with its annual battles with national program Plantation American Heritage, which just had a national record six players selected in the NFL Draft, the Chiefs have the talent to compete.

No matter how you slice it, this team beat St. Thomas Aquinas and beat Jacksonville Bolles for state titles, and while people continue to minimize the wins, keep your eye on northeast Fort Lauderdale for a show that is become popular and interesting with college coaches, fan websites and the media.

Even with the key losses of some big-time playmakers, the Chiefs – by mostly everyone’s account - are the favorites to win 4A again.

Like St. Thomas, Central, Northwestern, Booker T. Washington, Champagnat Catholic, Chaminade-Madonna and American Heritage, who have won more than their share of state championships, this is now a team that gets the kind of prospects that puts you in those meaningful games.

Yes, there are holes to fill – losing a two-time state championship quarterback will hurt, but this program is past the stage of letting a few key departures derail their plans – just like those schools mentioned earlier.

This rising senior class has its “stars”, but there are also those role players who make the difference.

The players who will certainly give this team a chance against just about everyone are three year starter Tray Brown (LB, 6-0, 220 – 2.817 GPA), emerging star offensive lineman Jackson Crozier (6-4, 280 – 3.103 GPA), standout secondary performer Isaiah Farris (6-0, 170 – 2.550 GPA), instant offense with versatile Davon Kiser (WR, 5-7, 160 – 3.5 GPA), one of the best defensive tackles in south Florida in Ahmad Moten (6-4, 295), elite punter Christian Silverstein (P, 5-11, 175 – 4.17 GPA) and a prospect who may turn out to be one of  the best at his position in the state of Florida in Mason Thomas (DL, 6-3, 220 – 3.150 GPA).

The Chiefs will also roll out Class of 2022 standouts in Adrien Alfieri (K, 5-9, 150 – 3.117 GPA), John Bock II (OL, 6-4, 290 – 2.5 GPA), Elisha Edwards (WR, 6-3, 200 – 3.033 GPA), Gabe Espineira (OL, 6-4, 285 – 2.5 GPA), Robert Green (DB, 5-10, 160 – 4.183 GPA), Damon Jackson (DL, 6-3, 285 – 3.396 GPA), Blake Kendall (QB, 6-2, 200 – 4.0 GPA), Jojo Mauvais (DB, 5-11, 170 – 2.89 GPA) and fast-rising receiver Gabe Morgan (WR, 6-0, 180 – 2.75 GPA).

Also, keep your eye on Jaden Morgan (RB, 5-8, 175 – 4.62 GPA), Jared Murdock (DL, 6-2, 230 – 2.86 GPA), D-Mitri Nazaire (RB, 5-6, 160 – 3.318 GPA), Josh Oliver (RB, 5-11, 230 – 3.767 GPA), Andrew Paton (LB, 5-11, 170 – 3.867) and linebacker Richard Tauriello (5-11, 175 – 4.17 GPA).


Talk to this quality coaching staff about the future of this program, and they all light up – as the Chiefs are as stacked with some of the top 2023 and 2024 prospects in south Florida.

In the past, some players would look for “greener grass” somewhere else, but times have changed. Teaching and winning brings in student/athletes like Adonis Allen (DB, 6-0, 180 – 2.889 GPA), Jesse Anderson (DB, 6-1, 180 – 2.611 GPA), Komani Beneby (WR – 3.8 GPA), Jaden Blackburn (DB, 6-0, 170 – 2.5 GPA), Reily Bowe (LB, 6-1, 205 – 4.1 GPA), Blake Cochrane (OL, 6-2, 230 – 3.5 GPA), Dwayne Cummings (WR, 6-3, 207 – 2.806 GPA), Romell Dorcin (LB, 5-9, 185 – 2.5 GPA), Tremone Drisdom (DB, 5-9, 175) Dubuc’s son, Trey, who is one of the top long snappers in the state. The 6-1, 220-pounder also holds down a 3.444 GPA in the classroom.

In addition, the rising junior class (2023) has Jay Early (RB, 5-9, 175 – 2.722 GPA), Jessie Fields (WR, 5-7, 160), Colin Keough (LB, 5-11, 170 – 3.01 GPA), Aushawn Louis (DL, 6-4, 285), Jeremiah Makins (LB, 5-9, 175), state-rated Torrance Miller (RB, 5-7, 170 – 2.7 GPA), Kenneth Moore (OL, 6-3, 300 – 3.5 GPA), and big time prospects Kamari Moulton (RB, 6-0, 200 – 3.194 GPA) and Greg Otten (DL, 6-1, 215 – 3.806 GPA).

The Chiefs will also look for depth from Zxamir Pelisser (OL, 6-3, 290), Willie Reed (DB, 5-9, 175 – 2.694 GPA), Lakendrick Riley (OL, 6-2, 280), Delray American Heritage transfer Dylan Rizk (QB, 6-2, 200), converted quarterback Patrick Stepelton (WR, 6-1, 190 – 3.972 GPA), Kimani Thomas (DB, 5-10, 160 – 2.96 GPA), Jake Tidwell (DB, 5-11, 170 – 3.32 GPA) and defensive lineman Brock Weaver (6-3, 270 – 2.944 GPA).

While the Class of 2024 hasn’t fully established themselves with the college coaches who have been under the extended “Dark Period”, the locals know who many of these young men are from last year, and of course, their youth careers.

Players who will be watched and used throughout the season include Jackson Campbell (OC, 6-3, 260), Jeremiah Chalmers (WR, 5-10, 160), University School standout transfer Carlos Dales Jr. (LB, 6-0, 200), Casey Etienne (S, 6-2, 170), Tyrell Fuller (WR, 5-9, 160 4.0 GPA) and emerging tight end Colton Heinrich (6-3, 200).

The Chiefs will also have Gavin Hooten (OC, 5-11, 275), Jackson Klein (DE, 6-3, 200), Antonio Lindsay Jr. (WR), Edward McIntosh III (RB), Daniel Mincey (OL, 6-4, 290), who has great bloodlines, Eric Morris Jr. (Athlete, 6-5, 195), standout quarterback prospect Luke Warnock (6-0, 180) and Christopher Williams (DE/LB – 3.0 GPA).

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