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5 Miami-Dade/Broward OL To Watch

For decades, the one position that lacked in the south Florida was the offensive line.

Let’s face it, the position was not a glamour spot and very few prospects came out of the two counties and left a mark at the next level and beyond.

The thought of paying any off-season attention to linemen was indeed laughable at best. Very few camps or clinics had been devoted to the position, but that has all changed.

Starting with 7-on-7 events, the emphasis was finally put on the trenches and the “big men” started to find their way into the spotlight.

As the competition grew, more prospects started to get better and move on to the next level – and when their playing days were over – they started to host events that happened to be geared for the line prospects, much like the skilled positions which had been a signature of the talent in this region.

As we head to the 2023 season, there are several college coaches who found their way to this area and are recruiting our linemen, and for the first time, the spotlight is beginning to shine in this direction.

As we have already given you the list of the 2024, 2025 and 2026 linemen in this area, today, we bring you up close and personal with five Class of 2024 (rising senior) line prospects:

Raynor Andrews, 6-6, 315, Miami Norland. No matter how you slice it, here is one of the top line prospects not only in south Florida, but anywhere in the state. One of several new players the Vikings have coming into 2023 season, this is certainly one of the best. He is back, strong, athletic and has that mean streak that it takes to be successful at this and the next level. Comes over from Miami Jackson where we had the opportunity to watch him – and we came away impressed with the many things he does.


Zack Boehly, 6-5, 270, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons. Yet another quality talent that we had the chance to watch live and in person, seeing him play against some top competition. This is one of the more technically sound prospects that they have here in this region. Very quick out of his stance and is equally as effective as a run blocker as he is proving time for the quarterback to throw the ball. Lot to like about this young man.

Lonnie Brady, 6-5, 255, Homestead. As a member of the state 3M runner up Broncos, he has certainly had the chance to showcase his many skills up from. Watching him perform in a number of games last season, this is a tall and active prospect who doesn’t stop until the end of the play. While he is often matched against defensive linemen who are a lot shorter, he adjusts during the course of a game to get his large frame into the opponent.


Keon Daceus, 6-1, 308, Coconut Creek. If those who rank football aren’t on this impressive talent, they are truly not doing their job. As many continue to promote several line prospects across the state, this is a name that is often left out, and that would be called NOT DOING YOUR HOME WORK. No matter who he faces off against, he becomes their nightmare for 48 minutes. He is strong, athletic and does not stop playing his position. Ask anyone the Cougars played against last season and all will tell you that No. 55 was a player to study all week. Keep an eye on him this year and you will see for yourself.


Luke Moise, 6-3, 285, Miami Central. Talk about versatile. This is a player that coaches have been talking about for two years – and every time you watch him perform, you are quickly reminded how talented and versatile he is. Can truly play anywhere up from – and will once again be a leader for the national champions as they look to defend their title in 2023.


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