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5 Class of 2023 south Florida Prospects On The Rise

With the season moving closer every day, you will see more and more prospects continue to emerge.

Because many of these athletes here in south Florida didn’t have the full opportunity to showcase their many talents to the college coaches – especially during the pandemic – we will make sure that throughout the upcoming season and into the 2022 off-season, we will put many of these impressive young men out there.

Today, we take a look at five Miami-Dade and Broward 2023 prospects who have shown that they are indeed ready for the spotlight.

Ahmere Foster, S, 5-10, 170, Miami Christopher Columbus. From the first time we watched this gifted prospect it was evident that he was going to be something special – and he has been that. Roams the secondary making big plays as he showed last year in the 8A Tri-County title game against Deerfield Beach and in several other games during the pandemic and Covid season.


Shelton Green, OL, 6-3, 310, Miami Gulliver Prep. After first watching him perform at a camp/combine setting and then during the regular season at Miami St. Brendan, this was certainly someone who would play at the next level. He is a student/athlete that has it all and will remain as one of the top line prospects in the state of Florida this coming year. After a brief stop at Homestead, he is settled in with a Raider team that really needs his play up front.


William Larkins, OC, 6-4, 298, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna. Following in the footsteps of his brother, father and uncle, the tradition continues with this quality line prospect who did everything in the off season to get himself out there. With the season right around the corner, here is a prospect who is getting some serious looks - and with his versatility and size, this is certainly someone who will continue to jump into that national spotlight.


Zakaih Saez, DE, 6-5, 220, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas. If you watched this impressive football prospects play at West Palm Beach The King’s Academy, you already know how impressive he is. This is a player who finds a way – with his quickness, football skills and athletic ability – to make a big play that changes the course of a game. The Raiders will certainly help to elevate his game over the next two years – with competition and extra coaching.


Zavier Williams, DB/Athlete, 5-10, 180, Miami Coral Reef. For the past two years, we have been watching this impressive talent, who has been able to showcase his many skills – first at the linebacker position, and now as a safety and as an athlete who has the chance to be very special in the4 coming two seasons. This is a very good football player who will have more of an opportunity to show it in 2021.


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