Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
Miami Gulliver Prep Sophomore Carson Haggard Continues To Impress

The one thing about south Florida is there are no pretenders when it comes to showcasing football talent.

Because teams play each other – and compete year round – there are very few issues when talking about athletes who belong among the elite in an area that is certainly second to none for producing talent.

Because of the way things are structured, getting to the state championship offers no easy roads, which signals that playing tough competition throughout the season and into the playoffs is a certain, and that’s why 115 players from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County were getting paid by NFL teams this past year.

No matter if it’s during the year – or at events in the off season – competition is the name of the game, and those who are not good enough will know it right away, while others use the stiff competition to their advantage.


PLAYER: Carson Haggard


SCHOOL: Miami Gulliver Prep

CLASS: 2022

HEIGHT: 5-11


SCOUTING: Ever since Carson Haggard can remember, he was thrust in the middle of top competition, and always came out learning something and getting better.

This past year, while leading his Raiders to the No. 1 seed in 4A as an unbeaten team, he showed why he is truly one of the best in a very competitive and talented region.

From camps and combines – to 7-on-7 events and a rugged regular season, here is a young man who continues to learn and take in everything that is taught to him by head coach Earl Sims and his tremendous coaching staff.

His knack of wanting to compete against the best is the reason why he is regarded as one of the top quarterback prospects in south Florida – in any class. His work ethic and will to be the best he can be has been a driving force.

He is an accurate passer who is emerging into a leader, which has come from coaching and experience. Starting since the ninth grade for the Raiders, this coming year will unveil a more seasoned prospect who has grown physically and mentally.

In an area of the country that is slowly becoming a hotbed for quarterbacks, here is one of that is making strides and turning plenty of heads.



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