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Anthony Hankerson Brings Back Memories of Some Great Football Players

In every generation, you will get those who will proclaim that players of their era are the best – and that is indeed what sports is all about.

Athletes who do everything well – those who simply are as good as you will find anywhere at any time.

In the history of St. Thomas Aquinas football’s rich tradition, there have been elite performers who have gone on and done some tremendous things – in college and beyond.

Being recognized as one of the best is indeed an honor that many hold with them for a lifetime, and in Fort Lauderdale, there is a sophomore that is starting to join that impressive conversation.


PLAYER: Anthony Hankerson


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: From the first time you watch this quality talent perform, there is simply no doubt that by the time he is finished, records will fall and enough heads will turn that the word “the best” will be used over and over again.

Talk to any teammate, fan or coach, and all will sing the praise of Anthony Hankerson, and after a stellar performance in the 7A state championship game against Orlando Edgewater, it is getting louder and louder.

As a running back, he has everything you are searching for – with a style that brings up the past that included greats such as Tony Sands, Keith Wilkerson, Darryl Porter and so many others – including current head coach Roger Harriott.

But as good as he is running the ball, there are those who believe this impressive talent could be one of the best linebackers we’ve watched as well. An aggressive and strong athlete who has amazing tackling skills.

No matter where he plays, the next two years will certainly be fun – and record-breaking to say the least!



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