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What Do Prospects Get Out of Off-Season Camps & Combines?

This time of year – while many football teams should be getting ready for the season ahead – the Coronavirus has dictated otherwise.

With the start of the 2020 season still up in the air, it has been left with speculation and way too much free time for coaches, athletes and parents.

While team workouts have become tough for many south Florida programs to accomplish – because of the spread of Covid-19 – others have met in small groups, wearing masks and keeping their social distance as much as possible.

Because there are differing opinions on this virus from many who have not been affected, something that usually does not take place until the early summer, is beginning to pop up.

Camps and combines are starting to take hold, and while this should be a no-no because we are trying to get the season started, people with making money on their minds are hosting events – with the promise of college exposure as a priority.

Because parents and many athletes just do not know about the recruiting process, they are jumping at these events to keep their names out there and to compete. Normally that would be fine, but while we are trying to get some kind of football season started in Florida, and using science as a barometer, this is not the way to go.

Having been a part of these camps and combines since they began in the 1980’s, we know the score and fully understand how they can be very beneficial if run correctly and done for the right reasons.

Having been a part of these “off-season” events, and getting the information right into the hands of college coaches who can help, we understand if they are run the right way, they can help.

From college events to privately run camps, we have seen it all – and can definitely tell the events that are run correctly and those who are there to cash a check and move on.

Because anyone will argue their point in having these events, if you do not have college contacts who will actually accept video and testing information, you are wasting your time. If you are running these as a social media events – where your barometer is set by how many interviews and photos you can run, it is NOT helping the athlete at all.

If you feel a need to host something during these times while we are waiting for the season to begin, you had better understand that social distancing is not going to be practiced. Not when you have linemen working against each other.

Just like they have done with the start of baseball, masks should be worn and hand sanitizers need to be everywhere. If you do not check athlete’s temperatures, you are setting yourself up for something that may end you from ever hosting something again.

Remember, for those who believe that this is all an overblown scam, there are those who know that this disease is for real, and have done everything possible to stay healthy – with a college scholarship the most important thing on their mind.

If college football is cancelling their billion dollar seasons, you know there is something to this. That’s why educating yourself instead of listening to those with an agenda, is indeed a sound plan.


Knowing that you have to pay coaches to get the best out of them while running these events, NO combine or camp should cost the attendee more than $60. If it does, you are getting ripped off. Those who do this for the right reasons, you understand that families simply cannot afford to pay high prices for everything they attend, and that’s not just during a pandemic.

While everyone has a right to make money, and that is fully understood, if you play on the fact that parents are not informed to what these events are all about, people who know better will let them know and you will be put in a bad light.

Even though we are all about cutting the spread of this virus, we also understand that there is a need to host something. We have always invited parents, coaches and athletes to ask us about any event that they may be thinking about attending. That offer still holds.

Because we promote and expose over 5,000 prospects to hundreds and hundreds of college coaches for free – at every level – each year – our heart is always with the kids and their parents, and in the end, we will help you spend your hard earned money in a place where it will do you the most.

Stay safe and we will be cheering for you to have a great 2020 season!

For the past 50 years, we have spent more time on football fields than anyone in the country. From games to practices, camps, combines and 7-on-7 events, nobody has evaluated more football talent than we have – and as we are in the midst of a pandemic like no other time before – we will remain steadfast to promote all south Florida’s high school football prospects. Follow us on Facebook (Larry Blustein- SFHSports) and Twitter (@SFHSSports - @larryblustein). Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..