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Will We Play High School Football in 2020? It Depends On The Athletes!

It’s time to tell it like it is – no matter what you believe.

We are in a place that we’ve never been before – and for that reason, you would think that many would see the big picture. But they don’t.

Let us get this out of the way first, just so you can understand that we are not talking theories, politics or homemade remedies for Covid-19.

This is real. This not going away on November 4th and people are dying – whether you know them or not.

If you cannot understand or believe that there may not be a high school football season here is south Florida, you had better just stop reading this now. Not going to waste this space on people who cannot grasp the reality and believe it comes down to being a Republican or Democrat.

From inflated numbers to rumors spreaded about the disease, this is no concern. What is alarming is that we have too many youngsters and coaches who have been non-believers and have gone about their business – meeting in large groups and not wearing masks.

Someone once said that if you don’t believe what people are telling you and do not want to hurt feelings – out of respect - just humor them and go along with what they feel. In this case, what many believe is fact. The disease is dangerous and is spreading and getting people sick and killing thousands.

The facts are the facts – and what will get us back on the football field this fall is science. That means everyone takes every precaution – even if you do not believe it.

Not to ruffle feathers, but there is an event this weekend in Kissimmee (Orlando) that many of our local athletes are taking part in. If you are a parent, guardian, high school coach or player and are planning on attending, you are the problem. There is NO place for any event during a time when we are battling just to bring teams back together to just condition and practice.

We have been doing this for a half century and have always put the players first – and anyone who would run a combine at this time – with south Florida having more cases than anywhere on earth – it is totally irresponsible and shows that they really do not care.

Our job has always been about promoting athletes and keeping them fresh on the minds of college coaches, and especially during this pandemic, NOBODY ANYWHERE has been more proactive than we have.

Website, podcasts, social media and any other outlets possible, we have made it our priority to send names, films and any other promotional piece on football players from south Florida and throughout the state.

We are frankly disgusted that anyone would go out of their way as we are moving closer to a target date at the end of the month, and defy what the season will be judged on to make a dollar.

Absolutely nothing positive will come out of any group of people getting together when scholarships are at stake and an important season hangs on the balance.

Events like these and others are only adding to the ongoing problem – and we will remind the athletes who take part and organizers about this when we continue to be moved back because the numbers (REAL OR NOT) are too high.

Ask your local school administrators, trainers and game officials how unsafe it is right now – and all will tell you that this disease is devastating families every day, and until your family member or friend gets sick and unfortunately passes away, you will continue to believe this is all political and overblown. Tell that to local coaches and athletes who have lost loved ones – young and old.

We are done arguing. Working year round to promote and shine a positive spotlight on these athletes FOR NO MONEY AT ALL, we have the right to convey what we feel about this situation.

Whether you believe what is said or not, respect the author as someone who has promoted you, your family members or someone you’ve known for 50 years!


For the past 50 years, we have spent more time on football fields than anyone in the country. From games to practices, camps, combines and 7-on-7 events, nobody has evaluated more football talent than we have – and as we are in the midst of a pandemic like no other time before – we will remain steadfast to promote all south Florida’s high school football prospects. Follow us on Facebook (Larry Blustein- SFHSports) and Twitter (@SFHSSports - @larryblustein). Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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