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Qualified South Florida Seniors Are Still Out There

Every year at this time, there are a number of seniors who are not set on their collegiate future.

With the first National Signing Day in the rearview mirror, and some student/athletes getting ready to leave for college next week, there are still so many without a place to go next year and into the future.

With the coaching convention coming up next week, there will be some avenues for high school and college coaches to get together, showing film and transcripts. There will also be a few small college recruiting fairs and the Orange Bowl event that brings so many schools to come south to see athletes and watch film. But the reality of recruiting today is the uncertainty of college recruiting.

Because of the transfer portal and NIL deals being worked on, there is now a logjam – where prospects used to fit in – and are now forced to take offers that are now putting a financial strain on families.

While there are still programs that work with athletes and their families to lower tuition prices and other expenses, the door is closing faster than in the past.

For years, we have reached out seniors to see if we can assist in the recruiting process. This year we have already put out over 100 prospects statewide – with colleges and universities starting to respond, but not the volume as in the past.

Today, we will bring you five more Class of 2024 prospects who are still looking for a place to get an education and continue playing football.

These Miami-Dade and Broward County athletes represent a small number of the hundreds and hundreds who are still out there.

Kristian Bailey, WR/P, 5-11, 165, Hollywood Hills. When you are looking for a college prospect these competitive days, you want someone who is versatile, makes plays and gets it done in the classroom. As the Spartans continued to grow and build for the future, here was a player who gave the team leadership and production.


Clayton Cannon II, WR/CB, 5-9, 170, Coconut Creek Monarch. While it’s inevitable that this oversight won’t last, the very thought that one of the most productive slot/defensive backs in south Florida would even be out there right now without something concrete. Talk about athletic and football bloodlines, this is a difference maker – and as soon as some comes up with a package to get him on their campus, there will be a number of colleges that completely whiffed here.


Dylan Celeide, LB, 5-11, 200, Miami Lakes Barbara Goleman. For the past two years all this quality student/athlete has done is work hard and do what he needed to grab the spotlight. A true playmaker on the field and carried a 3.2 weighted GPA/ 4.1 unweighted GPA 1030 SAT. 


Ammon Dampeer, DT, 6-1, 280, Hialeah American. Another of those under-the-radar prospects who made a lasting impression for a team that made the playoffs. A playmaker that will fit several college defenses. His 3.7 GPA work in the classroom also will open some doors as well.


Justynn Fundora, QB, 5-6, 145, Miami Braddock. While his size may not bowl you over his production and ability to play the game helped to put this quality team into the GMAC Independent title game. He has also made himself more of an attraction with a 4.4 GPA and graduating out of the Cambridge Magnet Program.



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