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5 South Florida Prospects To Keep A Eye On

As we have said before, this is the time when being recognized and playing your best football can elevate an athlete to heights that many never dreamed about.

With key game being put in the spotlight, and coaches, players and fans shipping out game film and stats to the internet as well as to college coaches, who will take any information and player evaluations as people will furnish.

This is a time when athletes, coaches and supporters are sending out videos and enough information to fill several volumes of any recruiting manual. Everyone is a recruiting analyst these days with that most important “eye for talent”.

Being in this business for a long time, we have watched it all – and while it has changed in some ways – it has gotten worse in other corners.

Providing information and video is very helpful, and whether comes from mom and dad shooting from stands – or that photographer with expensive equipment, any exposure is valuable.

What we do is cover the entire state of Florida – and with over 100,000 social media followers – the information is posted via websites, podcasts and any other form of communication between the football field and college coaches.

Every Wednesday, we take a look at 5 athletes in south Florida. Some have already received exposure – while others, via live games, have been given an opportunity to jump on the map.

Today, we have some quality football talent from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to continue to keep their eye on:

2022 – D’Mon Brinson, DB, 5-11, 175, Fort Lauderdale. Here is a gifted prospect who has been on the radar screen for a few years, and every time we watch him perform, he impressed with his ball skills, ability to make plays against some of the top prospects and also display the leadership that a senior should show. Keep your eye on this quality talent. A difference maker.


2022 – Jose Garcia, DL, 6-0, 200, Somerset Academy Silver Palms. Here is prospect that many have started to hear about because he answers every bell and fills the stat sheet up – quickly. What head coach Javi Valdes and his staff have in this impressive talent is a quick, smart and fast-reacting defensive talent who gets to the quarterback, stops the run and creates problems with his overall play. Great young man who can play this game and colleges need to understand that he won’t blend in – no matter where he goes. Very talented!


2024 – Jeremiah Marcelin, DE, 6-2, 225, Miami Norland. Watching him three times on this young season, and seeing this quality talent grow and mature before our eyes, this is one of the next dominating playmakers in south Florida. He runs well, reads plays and is naturally growing as a young man should in his sophomore season. This is someone you will be hearing a lot about.


2022 – Richard Nwaukoni, DE, 6-4, 220, Coconut Creek. There are times when you watch someone play for the first time and you think about all the talent there is in south Florida, but how many have not recognized a player like this yet. Quick off the ball, relentless to get into the offensive backfield and is big, quick and motivated to play this game. He is always around the ball – and as the Cougars continue to win and advance in the state playoffs, here is someone that will get his shine.


2023 – Perry Pitelli, LB, 5-10, 190, Miami Florida Christian. When it come to football, there is no set height or weight that will guarantee success. Take this young man for perfect example. As part of a very talented team, this is the young man who fills up the stat sheet and makes big play after big play. He is quick, strong, aggressive and tough to stop – no matter how many stars you have by your name. Perry sets the tone for the Patriots on defense, and if you doubt it, watch his film and you will see a football player, competing at a high level every game. This is one of the big secrets in south Florida.


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