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Miami Edison DE Francois Nolton Jr. Has The Talent To Change The Game

We often talk about south Florida football talent and how the athletes are starting earlier and earlier to make an impact.

Look on just about any roster in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and you will find prospects who have been getting it done since the 9th grade – some in the 8th at private schools.

The one thing we look back to are the amazingly talent youth programs that have long been in place. From Florida City to Deerfield Beach and just about everywhere in between, athletes are given the opportunity, on a huge stage, to make a statement. What happens on those football fields is talented young men are growing up and maturing right before our very eyes.

While there is no guarantee that being a “star” at the youth level will lead to success in high school, it has proven that it does happen – and quite often.


PLAYER: Francois Nolton Jr.


SCHOOL: Miami Edison

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: From the first time this quality football talent took the field at Miami Christian, there was no doubt that he was going to be special.

No matter where he went, all eyes were on this impressive football player, who had it all – and the size to go along with it. This was certainly a talent that would be one of those who would make an impact.

As he is ready to enter his junior year, Francois Nolton has taken his many talents to play for head coach Luther Campbell and a prospect-rich Miami Edison. What he adds to this impressive team is a force that offenses will have to account for on every play.

This is a talent that will beat you off the ball with a quick first step, possesses a tremendous work ethic and has a passion for the game. He shows it in practice, at camps and combines and in games.

With colleges already watching his every move, here is yet another quality major college talent that south Florida is producing – and the beat goes on!



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