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Kesean Norris-Hayes Is Ready For His Final Chapter At Columbus

Lineage, especially when dealing with athletics, is often times a very big indicator of the future.

When you follow in the footsteps of a sibling who was successful, it often signals that there is a better chance of succeeding than if you didn’t have something to follow and go by.

While having a sibling is important in the process, having role models and other people in your life who have already blazed a trail. That is essential in learning the good and bad, and using mistakes as trial and error.

When it comes to football, learning and watching is all part of the process – and in the end – usually means the difference between success and failure.


PLAYER: Kesean Norris-Hayes


SCHOOL: Miami Christopher Columbus

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Here is a football talent who has been around the game all of his young life, watching and learning and being part of the total process.

While winning a state title this past season is huge for any underclassmen, what it did was give Kesean something extra to add to a resume that already includes three seasons and the varsity level, and having players that he could look up to and seek advice – such as brother, Georgia Tech’s Kalani Norris.

Make no mistake, this will be one of the top defensive linemen for the 2020 season. His strength, knowledge and athleticism will give him an advantage as a player and as a leader who has more experience than just about any player on the defending 8A state champions.

He represents what will be another very aggressive and talented Explorers’ team in 2020.



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