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Miami Central’s Jeron Scharoun Jr. Is One of The Top Lineman Around

We have long said that the talent in south Florida is so impressive – at just about every position – some impressive prospects can get lost in the shuffle.

No matter what program you look at here in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, there are difference makers. Athletes who get the spotlight shining on them – and the media and recruiters seem to follow.

For those who really follow the game – watching every position and cutting away the hype for those star-rated athletes – they find under-the-radar talent that gets the job done with little publicity and fanfare.



PLAYER: Jeron Scharoun Jr.,


SCHOOL: Miami Central

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: No matter how you slice it, if you watched head coach Roland Smith’s Rocket team play this past year and followed the movement up front on the offensive line, you had to be impressed with this young man.

Ask anyone on this football team – including University of Miami commitment Laurence Seymore – and all will tell you that “Puda” is truly one of the huge reasons for the success up front.

Versatile enough to play guard and center, he is a hard worker, strong, great balance, smart and is a tremendous teammate. Players on both sides of the ball have mad respect for him – and for good reason.

As college coaches continue to watch this football team play in 2020, they will judge this young man on his size, and that is the mistake that would be made. Watch him control the line of scrimmage against anyone – 5-star or no star – and you will see the true measure this quality football talent.



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