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SPRING FOCUS: NMB, Bertani Back For More In 2021

Many across south Florida often joke about North Miami Beach High’s football team and the less than 30 players head coach Jeff Bertani carries on the roster each year.

While you are joking about those players, you mind as well check those prospects out each year – because they are the ones in better shape and totally more well prepared to play at the next level than just about any athlete in south Florida.

In the three decades that Bertani has been the head coach of the Chargers – his alma mater – he develops, wins and sends his players on to the next level – just what you want out of a high school experience.

While he is not in the mix for a state title every year, Bertani and NMB always has prospects that are ready to play against anyone – and will fight all four quarters.

While many fans are praising all the other schools in south Florida for playing top out-of-area competition, you better include this football program. Through the years, they have played John Curtis in Louisiana as well as top programs in Georgia and Alabama – not to mention traveling to play Florida powers Lake City Columbia, Madison County among other programs. They have been in the playoffs the past three seasons.

Bertani has long been in it for the same reasons his grandfather (Jim Powell- Hialeah) and dad (Fred Bertani-NMB) have done it – for the kids.

Talk to anyone who played for him over the years and all will tell you that this is a coach who cares and knows his stuff – as any of his peers in coaching will tell you.

As the Chargers head toward the 2021 season, the spring will once again provide a forum for the athletes to compete for positions on the field. Many prospects still go both ways and participate on special teams as well, so they better be ready.


The success of this program this coming season will depend on how the rising senior class of 2022 takes the leadership role and gets the younger prospects ready.

Leading the way is three-year starter on both sides of the ball Jason Seraphin, a 6-3, 310-pounder who is super athletic and gifted. He is like having another line coach out on the field. That’s how impressive he is.

In addition, the Chargers, who were runner-up in the 4A-6A south Florida Tri-County Championships last year, boast prospects in the 2022 class that are impact players.

Phillip Dunnam (WR/DB, 6-1, 170), Kenny Wallace (H-Back/LB, 5-10, 210) and Michael Simmons (LB/TE, 6-2, 200).


If you wear an NMB uniform, you better be prepared to play. Just because you are an underclassman, means little. If you can contribute, you step up.

Among the rising juniors (2023) are versatile (QB/DB) Mahki Rolle (6-2, 195), who college coaches are already watching, and gifted Alix Ulysse, a 6-2, 180-pounder, who can play linebacker or receiver.

Last year’s freshmen, who had some gifted prospects, have a pair of rising sophomores (2024) that are already in the mix – and the Chargers are anxious to see their maturity.

Amani Floyd (DB/WR, 5-10, 170) and Fernando Jeanty (OL/DL, 6-3, 260), who is going to be the next highly-recruited lineman that the Chargers produce.

When the curtain rises on the 2021 season in the summer, the Chargers will be anxious to have a freshman who is ready to compete for playing time – in talented Giovanni Olivo (DB/WR, 6-1, 160).

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